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Impressive Photos Of An Architect Highlight The World’s Beautiful Patterns And Hues





Photography, being one of the popular mediums an artist uses to capture a beautiful portrait, freezes time and seals it into a picture as a memoir of a specific event.

With many aerial drone photography appearing from everywhere, one style stood out from the rest. This aerial photography from an architect who made his hobby his passion outside of his corporate job is just stunning. Check them out.

Demas Rusli is an Indonesian Architect based in Australia.

He picked up the camera only six years ago. With the influence from his cousin, a professional photographer, he decided to take it as a hobby. His inspiration to take photos started when he saw the interaction between his cousin and the people who were connecting with him through photography. From then on, he developed his skills to take shots of undeniably great images.

Being an architect, it dramatically helps him with the balance, symmetry and harmony of lines in his photos.

Stunningly taken, each image portrays a sharp, crisp and an entirely different outlook of how beautiful our world is.

“My photos are always heavily influenced by leading lines, geometry, symmetry and balance and I always try to put a human figure in my photos to give the image a sense of scale and relate-ability,”

Rusli said.

“This is something I learned from architecture school.”

It is amazing his images become alive as different colors complement each other harmoniously.

These things made his works stand out from other drone pictures we see every day.

Using his DJI Phantom 4 Pro, he travels around Sidney taking breathtaking sceneries and posting it on his Instagram account.

He has over 100,000 followers who greatly appreciate his masterpieces. The admiring feedback and great interactions he receives are what made him continue capturing astonishing pictures.

Looking at nature’s magnificent beauty in a bird’s eye view is something that we do not see every day.

With talents like Rusli has in capturing these images in surpassing detail and solid shots give us a completely new perspective on understanding the beauty and wonder of the world’s gorgeous pattern and hues.

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