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If You Can Solve This Riddle, You Can Get Hired at Google!

So do you have what it takes?


Pet-friendly workplace. Free gourmet food everyday. Massage services. These are only some of the awesome perks that Google employees get from their company so it’s no surprise that web-based workers would love to work there. Of course, you have to be really smart, among other things, to get your foot in the door.

Rumor has it that Google uses a particular riddle when interviewing candidates. If you can solve this brain teaser, you may just have a chance to be a Noogler – that’s what Google affectionately calls their new hires.

You don’t need to have the brain of a nuclear physicist to solve this, but you do have to be creative. This tests one’s problem-solving skills. So here it is.

You are standing outside a closed and windowless room. In front are three light switches.

Each switch controls a different light bulb in the room. The thing is, you can’t see inside the room, so you don’t have an idea which switch controls which bulb. What you are sure of is that each switch controls only one light.

There are no dimmer switches here and you can’t touch the switches again once you open the room’s door. So how can you find out which switch controls which bulb when you go inside the room?

Remember, there are no loopholes to this riddle. The answer is actually easier than you think.

If you’re done thinking, here’s the answer:

You just need to turn on two of the lights. Wait a couple of minutes and then turn one of the two lights off. When you go inside the room, the bulb that is on is obviously controlled by the switch that is turned on. So what about the two bulbs that are off? Touch the light bulbs. The warm one is controlled by the switch that was on and switched off. The cold bulb is controlled by the switch that didn’t flick on.

So do you have what it takes to work at Google?


Snapping Turtle Allegedly Fed Puppy By Teacher Is Euthanized

A science teacher reportedly fed the live puppy to a snapping turtle.

Authorities have euthanized the snapping turtle that, allegedly, was fed with a live puppy by an Idaho school teacher. As previously reported, Preston Junior High teacher Robert Crosland was accused of feeding an innocent puppy to the reptile in front of students on Wednesday.

Idaho officials seized the turtle and then euthanized it amidst investigation into allegations against Crosland, CBS reported. The state Department of Agriculture issued a statement on Friday saying that snapping turtles are an invasive species in Idaho and one would require a permit to own it.

Snapping turtles are omnivorous and they could be a threat to the native species in the area.

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Singapore Remains the Most Expensive City to Live in the World

That’s according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living index.

The recently released Economist Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living Index has declared Singapore as the most expensive city to live in the world. This is the fifth year in a row that the Asian city has taken the title. Meanwhile, Paris, France and Zurich, Switzerland tie at second place.

Twice annually, the Economist Intelligence Unit conducts a survey of 400 individual prices across over 150 products and services in 133 cities in 93 countries. This survey is then used to rank the different cities according to their expense. The list is made to help businesses determine the cost-of-living allowances and create compensation packages for employees they send abroad.

Singapore has higher costs for domestic help, personal care products, and household goods than in other cities.

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US Army Built a Fake Town to Hide Boeing Factory From Air Strikes During WWII

Consider the cost of each plane, the military really had to go the extra mile.

During the infamous World War 2, one B-17 Bomber would cost more or less $200,000 to produce. And in today’s economy, it is around $3.4 million. With the US Army requesting thousands of these planes, they would take every possible measure just to secure the Boeing factory responsible for creating them. And believe it or not, by “every possible measure” they mean hiring Hollywood set designers.

Well, that is because they wanted to build a fake neighborhood atop it. And in order to make it look very real, they also hired dozens of actors to live in the area. They believed that by doing so, they could protect the factory from any potential air strike. The so-called neighborhood was built sometime in 1944, though it was removed a year after.

At first glance, you would think this is nothing but an ordinary town with people enjoying the heat of the sun.

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