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Husbands Are More Stressful Than Kids, According To Wives In A New Study





Ask any parent and they’ll definitely tell you – taking care of children is never a walk in the park. In fact, it’s not for the faint of heart!

Although extremely rewarding, parenthood can likewise be very challenging as it comes with many duties and responsibilities you will need to juggle. It can surely be stressful most of the time.

If you ask moms, however, it looks like a huge number of them agree that husbands are a greater source of stress then the kids.

This is according to a recent survey involving 7,000 mothers. According to the study, almost half of these moms said husbands actually cause wives bigger headache then their children.

What’s the reason behind this result, you ask? Well, an article published by Practical Parenting summed up the research this way:

“So why do our partners cause us more anxiety than our kids? Well, a whopping 75 percent of mums interviewed admit they think they do most of the parenting and household duties – and one in five say that NOT getting enough help from their partner and that is the major source of their high daily stress.”

Meanwhile, a separate survey conducted among 1,500 fathers say that majority of them think they are doing more than what is necessary in parenting but are not, according to them, receiving any acknowledgement of their efforts.

“I’d rate myself as a good, but imperfect parent. My spouse would probably see me as an OK parent, and stress the imperfection more,” one of the dads said.

Interestingly, 50% of the interviewed dads believe they shared child care duties evenly with their spouses but around 75% of mothers claim they do most of the work themselves.

Parenting expert Donna Hyde commented about the subject, saying :

“This is where a lot of arguments at home happen. Mums feel resentment. Dads feel hard done by. No-one is going anywhere fast.”

The solution to this dilemma, said Hyde, is actually plain and simple.

“Talk more and try to work out your issues as they arise,” she suggested. “Arguing while you’re in the middle of it all is not going to help.”

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