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Artist Turns Popular Songs Into Hilarious Comics

I’ll never hear these lyrics the same way ever again!

  • Hugleikur Dagssson, a cartoonist from Iceland, went viral because of his ‘Popular Hits’ comics.
  • His hilarious work has been well-received online that he was featured on several websites such as 9GAG and BoredPanda, among others.

Timing, as they always say, is everything in comedy. And that applies not only to movies, TV, and stand up acts but also when it comes to comic strips.

Take it from illustrator Hugleikur Dagsson who recently received a lot of online attention because of his hilarious comic series he entitled ‘Popular Hits.’ It looks like the artist truly has some great comedic chops that fans are willing to overlook that he drew the series using a very simple art style.

For this viral series, the cartoonist from Iceland playfully spoofed famous songs from different musical genres, ranging from ballads and pop, to classic rock and punk, to Christmas songs and everything else in between.]Check out the comics below but be warned that Dagsson’s brand of humor may not sit well for the faint of heart as some of the gags may seem rude and brutal (‘I Believe I Can Fly’) to even borderline NSFW (see ‘Blowing In The Wind’) for the sensitive and conservative.

So yeah. Scroll down at your own risk – and try guessing the songs and artists along the way, just for fun.




So did you catch all those song references? And which one was your favorite? Personally, ‘My Heart Will Go On’ got me chuckling real good. “Careless Whisper’ is also freakin’ hilarious if you think about it.

In a Bored Panda feature, we learn that Dagsson indeed does stand up comedy plus he has, so far, published around 20 books. If you’re interested to check out more of his stuff, you can follow him on Facebook and Tumblr. Plus you may also go browse his official website.


Feminist Designs “Anti-Manspreading” Chair, Wins an Award for It

Close those legs, boy.

  • The chair for males forces a man to sit with his legs together.
  • Feminism and sexism are inspirations for her project.
  • The design was part of her final project for her university.

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Now It’s Possible to Turn the Ashes of Your Beloved Pets into Lovely Paw-Shaped Glass Replicas

It’s the prettiest memorial for your beloved pet!

  • Paw-shaped glass art has become popular, especially among dog and cat lovers.
  • A teaspoon of your pet's ash is mixed with the other materials in blowing glass.
  • You can also request for wearable art, like a pendant.

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Guy Recreates Prehistoric Times By Taking Photos of Realistic Dinosaur Toys

He even shared tips and tricks about how he achieved the effects!

  • Based in Paris, French photographer Mathieu Stern loves experimenting to achieve interesting results in his photography.
  • In a new series, Stern took photos of ultra realistic toy dinosaurs to recreate prehistoric times.
  • The mind blowing photos have gained a lot of attention online among netizens.
  • Aside from the pictures, Stern also posted two videos where he shared interesting photography tips and tricks.

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