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Guy Shows Us We’ve Been Carving Our Turkeys the Wrong Way





Thanksgiving is just a few days away! This celebration is usually spent in the company of family members, eating and drinking together and generally having a blast of a time enjoying each other’s company. While some prefer going out of town to spend their Thanksgiving in lush resorts or exotic places, most still uphold the tradition of preparing a Thanksgiving feast for the whole family. Of course, who can forget the most important dish – the iconic roast turkey?

Stock photos depicting Thanksgiving would almost always include a roast turkey somewhere. However, preparation of this dish is no joke – the fowl itself is costly and takes a lot of hours of thawing, marinading, and roasting for the perfect dish. And it doesn’t end there – after roasting the turkey to perfection, the next task is equally daunting – carving.

Some just hack and slash away at the turkey using knives, while others skillfully cut through the meat with precision and technique. But how do you exactly carve a turkey so that it comes out looking like how it looks in fancy food magazines – sinfully delicious and mouth-watering? Well, then, luckily for you, Chow created a video showing how a turkey should be carved.

Watch and completely transform your Turkey Thanksgiving experience:

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Who could’ve guessed carving roast turkey is like art?

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