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Guy Shows Us How to Survive If We Get Stranded on a Deserted Island

Learn. Survive.

Ann Moises





Movies such as The Martian, Cast Away, and The Grey are just three of the best survival films since 2000. They represent what we human beings are capable of doing once we’re pushed to our limits. With very limited or no resources on hand, the characters were able to find a way to survive the most hostile environment.

Most of us wonder how we’d survive if we were in their shoes. I mean, can an ordinary person think of half of the things those protagonists thought of to make it through? Of course, it was just the movies, but some films were based on real events, right?

Fortunately, there are people like Tom McElroy whose passion and career involves teaching real survival skills.


Tom McElroy has been teaching Survival and Primitive Skills to more than 10,000 students all over the world for the past 20 years. He has taught avid hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and elite military groups such as Seal Team Six.

In the very informative video below, Tom and his friend teach us several, useful tricks which could help anyone who’s stranded on a desert island. According to the YouTube description, the 30-minute footage includes “making a shelter, primitive coconut opening, gathering food, friction fire from Bamboo, basket weaving, and traps, primitive spearfishing, rope making, bamboo fish trap, diving deep for conch, mongoose trapping, bamboo cooking, snail roast and clay baking.”

Watch this and tell us what you think:

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41 Seriously Genius Camping Hacks You Can Use This Summer

Your camping trip will never be the same again.

Inah Garcia



Camping is a fun way to take a breather from the city and relax. However, we have to admit that camping is not meant to be easy. The convenience of home is nowhere to be found and no matter how much we try to make it perfect, there always seems to be a problem.

The key is to know some clever camping hacks to make life easy in the woods. We compiled some for you and we hope this will help you have an enriching and hassle-free trip this summer. Enjoy!

#1. Use acorn cap to call for help when lost in the woods.

Use acorn cap to call for help when lost in the woods.

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You’ve Been Washing Your Hands The Wrong Way Your Entire Life, Experts Say

Doing it correctly will require 4 hours of your time per year, though…

Mark Andrew



All medical experts will tell you that hand washing is very important in eliminating germs and helping prevent the spread of infections. Besides, people frequently touch their eyes, mouth, and nose without even noticing it and so unwashed hands can lead to sickness. Among diseases you may acquire because of dirty hands include colds, diarrhea, as well as eye and skin infections.

So yes, soap and water are your friend.

However, a new research revealed that washing alone isn’t enough – you should also do it the right way. And you know what? The chances are you’ve been washing your hands wrong your whole life.

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10 Totally Delicious Campfire Recipes You Should Master

Try one of these campfire recipes out on your next camping trip.




Now you don't have to stick to burgers, hotdogs, and corn on the cob as camping food. Not that there's anything wrong with them. But if you camp regularly, you must be craving for other food to enjoy aside from roasted patties, hotdogs, and corn.

Not to worry! Here are some genius campfire recipes that you can easily master for more appetizing meals when roughing it outdoors.

#1. Lamb Kebabs with Mint Pesto

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