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How To Detect If Your Dog is Depressed and How to Deal With It

Yes, even dogs get the blues!


Sometimes you may think that your dog’s frequent scratching is normal but latest research found that “itching and scratching” is a sign that your dog might be experiencing depression.

Report from Telegraph, a British-owned website, revealed that your dog’s dermatological issues can majorly cause of your dog’s stress and anxiety which would lead to depression.

Statistics says 75% of dogs diagnosed with dermatological issues suffer from depression or what humans describe it as “having blues”.

As British veterinary dermatologist Dr. Anita Patel, said:

“Most people assume that itching and scratching is totally normal dog behaviour. The odd scratch is fine but when you see a dog frequently itching, scratching, nibbling or licking themselves, that’s a strong sign of a skin condition. Left untreated, this can exacerbate the problem and lead to more serious issues,”

It is all in the “itch”!

Source: PixieMe

She also added:

“What we now know is that skin issues can be one of the biggest causes of depression for dogs. And like people, when a dog is depressed, they lose interest in the things they usually love.”

So how do you spot a depressed dog? Here are some factors!

1. Your dog suddenly starting to be less playful and becoming more bored, lonely, or unhappy.

Source: Nancy Boland

Particularly if your furry companion suddenly is not interested to play fetch with you or he stop getting jumpy when you come home.

2. Your dog starts isolating himself by hanging out in the corner, hiding; or avoiding people around him.

Source: Reddit
3. Decrease in appetite.

4. Changes in sleeping habits.

5. Excessive licking.

Itchiness or known as “pruritus”, among pets is defined as an irritating sensation that provokes one, particularly your dog, the desire to scratch relentlessly.

“What’s not been properly understood previously is how dermatological problems can affect a dog’s wellbeing,” Patel said.

The itch or the skin disorder may often be seen as red spots or inflamed areas around the ears, legs and feet.

So what to do, you ask? Well there are only three simple steps:

1. If a dog is having these signs and symptoms, pet owners must immediately seek a veterinarian.

2. Always groom your dog, monthly.

3. Flea allergy is the most common causes of dermatological problems and that these thrive and multiply every summer season.

Source: WikiHow

Our advice is for pet owners to use anti-parasites for dogs.


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