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Bored Hotel Guest Leaves Creative Surprises for Housekeeping





Travel is great -well most of the time anyway! For people who regularly travel for work, lounging in airports, flying first class, and staying in fancy hotels can honestly become lonesome and boring. But one business traveler found a way to make his hotel stay a bit more fun and interesting.

A businessman who recently stayed in a hotel in Azerbaijan decided to get creative and start a ‘room service challenge.’ The guest challenged and entertained the hotel’s housekeeping staff by doing something creative each day for his 10-day stay. His creations definitely made the hotel staff’s job more exciting.

One guest at a hotel in Azerbaijan left creative room service challenges to the housekeeping staff.

Each day, the guest left his room with a creative showcase of hotel room items. He put together sheets, pillows, and toiletries to create funny images. The staff also responded and showed their appreciation. They took on the challenge of putting things back in order in the hotel room, but not without leaving notes, too.

Housekeeping responded by doing their best work and leaving appreciative notes for the guest.

The surprises left the staff smiling.

They were left with something new every day.

The housekeeping staff also decided to be a bit more creative.

They left notes for their funny guest.

This one looks like a movie monster recreation.

It sure takes a lot of imagination to come up with something like this.

What do you think this one is?

Housekeeping staff’s seal of approval.

This one’s an easy favorite.

The staff certainly loved the drawing.

Isn’t that sweet?

Someone’s hungry.

A little creepy but perhaps the best one in the bunch.

The staff showed their appreciation.

And this is how the guest said goodbye.

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