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Bored Hotel Guest Leaves Creative Surprises for Housekeeping

He surely made the housekeeping staff smile.






Travel is great -well most of the time anyway! For people who regularly travel for work, lounging in airports, flying first class, and staying in fancy hotels can honestly become lonesome and boring. But one business traveler found a way to make his hotel stay a bit more fun and interesting.

A businessman who recently stayed in a hotel in Azerbaijan decided to get creative and start a ‘room service challenge.’ The guest challenged and entertained the hotel’s housekeeping staff by doing something creative each day for his 10-day stay. His creations definitely made the hotel staff’s job more exciting.

One guest at a hotel in Azerbaijan left creative room service challenges to the housekeeping staff.

Each day, the guest left his room with a creative showcase of hotel room items. He put together sheets, pillows, and toiletries to create funny images. The staff also responded and showed their appreciation. They took on the challenge of putting things back in order in the hotel room, but not without leaving notes, too.

Housekeeping responded by doing their best work and leaving appreciative notes for the guest.

The surprises left the staff smiling.

They were left with something new every day.

The housekeeping staff also decided to be a bit more creative.

They left notes for their funny guest.

This one looks like a movie monster recreation.

It sure takes a lot of imagination to come up with something like this.

What do you think this one is?

Housekeeping staff’s seal of approval.

This one’s an easy favorite.

The staff certainly loved the drawing.

Isn’t that sweet?

Someone’s hungry.

A little creepy but perhaps the best one in the bunch.

The staff showed their appreciation.

And this is how the guest said goodbye.


Some Creative Genius is Adding Googly Eyes to Broken Street Objects in Bulgaria

He’s an eyebombing master.




Eyebombing is an art form, no doubt. Not everyone has the eye for spotting objects to which you can attach googly eyes and create a new image altogether. Not to mention it's just really fun.

The cheeky street art trend has reached the streets of Sofia in Bulgaria. The culprit? Forty-two-year-old photographer Vanyu Krastev. Krastev has been sticking googly eyes to old and rusty objects he finds in the area, like lamp posts and trash bins, to liven up an otherwise dull walk down the street. He also sometimes attaches googly eyes to street stains.

Photographer Vanyu Krastev has an eyebombing project in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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6 of the Funniest Amazon Customer Reviews Ever

You may not be expecting it but some Amazon reviews are really extremely hilarious!

Mark Andrew



While online shopping is undoubtedly convenient and fun, one of its obvious disadvantages is that you, as a buyer, never get the chance to inspect an item up close until you’ve already paid for it and its already been shipped to your address.

Sure, you can check out the pictures and the detailed descriptions that come with each item but sometimes, there are just instances when a product just simply fails to meet your expectations. Just ask those buyers we’ve previously featured in our online shopping fails compilation and we bet you’ll understand what we mean.

Now one good thing about shopping via Amazon is that you get the benefit of reading reviews posted by other users. Of course, reviews are always helpful in cases when you are trying to determine whether a product is worth buying or not. When an item has lots of positive reviews, then that’s a good indication that you won’t be wasting your money when you make the purchase.

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18 Least Helpful But Most Hilarious Police Sketches You’ll Ever See

Imagine the police’s reaction when they see these sketches.




One can only imagine the pure talent a composite sketch artist has. Just think about how these artists can amazingly recreate a person – the criminal – through details provided by the eyewitnesses. That said, a good quality facial composite is important to help track down a perpetrator and hopefully solve the crime.

However, there are times that things could go wrong and the sketch ends up looking less like a human. It's also in the way an eyewitness conveys the information. In that case, if the details were not properly explained, the sketch will turn out to be a disaster and the artist can’t really do much in helping solve a crime. The sketches you’ll see below are the least helpful - but totally hilarious -- you would wonder where the police got them.

#1. One would wonder if he approved of that sketch.

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