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This ‘Hot Girl VS Homeless Man’ Social Experiment Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity





Whenever I hear RiskyRobTV’s name, his epic gold digger pranks immediately come to mind. Remember that one where he handed a woman with a golden shovel? Yes, he’s that guy who did that. His stuff are absolutely hilarious!

For his new video, though, the popular YouTuber did a thought-provoking social experiment that gives us an insight on the sickening condition of our modern society. Rob enlisted the help of Maria, a model, who posed as a hot girl holding a sign that said “Want Money for Breast Implants.”

Rob, on the other hand, acted as a homeless man. He sat against a wall with a sign that read “Need Money For Food.”

Sad to say, the result of the experiment was quite disturbing.

Rob of RiskyRobTV invited Maria to join him in his latest social experiment video.

hot girl vs homeless man social experiment 3

Source: RiskyRobTV
Rob posed as a homeless man and begged people for money so he can buy some food.

hot girl vs homeless man social experiment 1

Source: RiskyRobTV

On the first part of the video, the barefooted Rob was filmed alone by the hidden camera crew. No one bothered to “spare some change” even when he asked numerous passers-by.

Maria, on the other hand, asked strangers to give her money for her breast implants.

hot girl vs homeless man social experiment 4

Source: RiskyRobTV

Next, Maria stood there with her sign and greeted strangers, who didn’t only stop by to chat but even gave her money and took some photos. Some guys even asked for her number.

Eventually, the two were nearby each other to further see how people would react to the experiment. The results were pretty “shocking,” as Rob described it.

You can watch the video here:

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Oh dear. So this is what we humans have become? We’ve become so heartless to the hungry and yet we’d go out of our way to support someone who just wants fake tits? Totally unacceptable!

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