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This Prank Video Shows Stealing Is Extremely Easy With A Hot Girl Distraction

Here’s why you should keep an eye on your stuff all the time!

Mark Andrew





If you’ve been here before, you know we at EliteReaders are fond of featuring all sorts of insane pranks.

Among the most recent ones that caught our attention include Roman Atwood’s morbid Blowing Up My Kid Prank, Official Comedy’s horrific Killer Bee Prank, and, of course, Whatever’s epic hilarious Camel Toe Prank.

Well, here’s a fairly new one.

Josh Palen Lin, self-proclaimed “craziest and most creative Asian prankster alive,” collaborated with gorgeous model Amanda Cerny not only to prank people but to prove a valid point – stealing is easy with a hot girl around.

For this prank, Josh Paler Lin tapped the charms of model Amanda Cerny.

hot-girl-distraction-prank 1

Photo credit: Josh Paler Lin

The scenario here is that Josh will ask a random guy to watch over his stuff as he leaves for a brief moment. Amanda will then appear out of nowhere and, with her charm and newspaper, distract the guy, giving another accomplice the chance to steal stuff with ease.

Josh asked the first guy to look after his phone for a while. He failed miserably at it.

hot-girl-distraction-prank 5

Photo credit: Josh Paler Lin

The dude agreed but after Amanda’s distraction, the device got stolen in seconds, leaving the guy completely clueless when Josh later inquired where it was.

The second guy, on the other hand, was requested to keep an eye on Josh’ laptop.

hot-girl-distraction-prank 2

Photo credit: Josh Paler Lin

Again, this guy failed once Amanda did her magic.

Finally, one dude was even given $100 to watch over Josh’ Lamborghini Aventador.

hot-girl-distraction-prank 3

Photo credit: Josh Paler Lin

When he saw Amanda with her scattered newspaper, he came in to help her which gave the “thief” the opportunity to drive the sports car away. After realizing his mistake, it’s funny how this guy tried to chase the vehicle as it ran away – as if he could actually catch it!

Watch the prank video here:

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The prank may seem hilarious in the outset but there’s actually an underlying lesson here – if you are easily distracted, your (or your loved one’s) stuff can get stolen in seconds. I’m guessing this is probably how some crooks do it.


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Mark Andrew



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You’d feel shocked about it, right? Well that’s exactly what the guys over at Whatever, a group of YouTube pranksters, did one day and the results turned out to be truly hilarious. Besides, these dudes did bring a real camel in town just for this prank. For the preparation alone, I say these dudes deserve an award or something.

To make the prank work, these guys brought a real camel in the city.


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