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Adorable Sausage Dogs Are Helping Save The Planet By Picking Up Trash

They have turned litter-picking into a fun game.

  • Mini dachshunds Hooch and Dudley loved to play with plastic bottles
  • Their owners saw this as an opportunity to train the duo to pick up litter
  • Now, these good dogs are doing their part to save the planet one trash at a time.

Dogs are also now doing their part to save the planet, little by little, even by picking up litter. And that’s what two cute dachshunds named Hooch and Dudley have been trained to do.

The sausage dogs are just like any other dogs that like to play with what they can find in the trash. They might like to rummage through the recycling bin but their owner 38-year-old Amber Lednor saw this as an opportunity for them to become eco-warriors.

Hooch and Dudley pick up pieces of trash from the ground while taking their walks.

Two-year-old Hooch and four-month-old Dudley used to be the naughty duo who would pull whatever they can from the recycling bin and turn it into a toy but Amber used this to her advantage and successfully trained them to clean up their community in Moray, Scotland.

While they are out on their walks on extended leashes, Hooch and Dudley happily pick up trash and carry it with them until they can find a bin. This has also become playtime for the mini dachshunds, spending afternoon walks with their noses on the ground, searching for rubbish.

Amber, who’s always been conscious about her impact on the environment, have been picking up trash on the ground for quite some time before she decided to let her adorable dogs join in her mission.

Hooch and Dudley are definitely good boys who are doing their part in the community.

Amber and the dogs also visit nearby beaches to clean them up. The stay-at-home mom shared how this all began.

“It all began when they found a beer bottle on one of their walks earlier this year. Hooch and Dudley are a naughty, cheeky duo – they used to steal plastic bottles and paper out of the recycling box and then chase each other with them, trying to steal them off each other.”

Amber’s daughter also joins in, turning this into a fun mission for the whole family and an opportunity to bond with each other. Amber hopes that more dogs and their owners will also do their small part in helping the planet become a cleaner and better place.


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