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Homeless Woman Was Given $200, Uses the Money to Adopt a Puppy





If you’re a homeless person and you’re given more than $200, how will you spend it? If you’re someone who is not used to holding that much cash, what’s the first thing you will do with it?

YouTube personality Das made this social experiment in which he gave a homeless woman $283. After confirming that she was indeed homeless, he told the woman that the cash was to help her and her son.

Well, $283 is a lot of money, so at first the woman didn’t want to take it.

Source: youtube
Das insisted however, so she finally accepted the money and asked Das to hug her.

Source: youtube

Das walked away from the spot but she didn’t know that Das’ camera crew was following her to see what she would do with the cash.

The woman walked past a clothing store and then stopped at a cafe where she grabbed some ice cream to eat at the patio.

Source: youtube

Afterwards, she did some window shopping, but didn’t buy anything. She walked down the streets of Santa Monica and the crew followed her all the way to an animal shelter, where she went inside.

Das and his camera crew waited for nearly an hour for the woman to come out.

Source: youtube

When she did, they were surprised at what she was holding…in her arms was a white puppy!

So Das came out in the open and called out to the woman.

“Hey! We’ve been following you. We watched you skip over every clothing store, over every little … you adopted a dog with the money I gave you?” Das said.

“Yeah,” the woman replied. “I just … I don’t know. Out of everything that I’ve seen today, it seemed much more … caring to have a dog.”

“I looked at the clothes, saw the jewelry, but none of them touched my heart,” she added. “This is where my heart led me. It led me right here to this dog. And this is someone I can talk to and love and hold … No matter what he’s always going to be there for me.”

Das was impressed with what the woman did so he and the crew helped her buy pet food for her fur baby.

Source: youtube

Not only that, he reached into his wallet and gave her more cash

He told her that all he wanted in return was a hug. The woman broke down into tears of joy at Das’ kindheartedness.

Source: youtube
Watch here to see how it happened:

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