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Homeless Filipina Girl Goes Viral For Still Doing Her Homework Despite Rainstorm





We all know education is important and it’s always amazing when we see children realizing that early on in their lives – especially if they give it great value despite the odds.

Case in point, this young girl from the Philippines recently gained lots of online love and respect after a video went viral showing her doing her homework. The catch? She’s homeless and she’s studying outdoors – while it’s raining.

She’s homeless but she’s still doing her homework despite the rainstorm.

In a report by the DailyMail, we learn that 8-year-old Lorensalie Elaine Dolfo lives with her mother Ellen, 40, and her sister Alexandra, 4. They became homeless after Jerry, her father, fell sick.

The viral video shows young Elaine doing school work “outside an apartment block in Manila, Philippines” at around 7am, using a coat to cover herself and her book during “heavy rainfall and winds.”

It’s heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time!

Netizen Rolando Villanueva, who filmed the moment and shared it online, took the time to talk with Elaine and her family. The girl said she’s not only aiming for good grades but also to be top of her class. The reason? She wants to help her family someday.

Elaine said:

“I want to finish my homework and do well at school. Then I can have a good job and take care of myself and my family. I need to finish the work for the teacher.”

Rolando further shared that Jerry used to make a living as a tricycle driver but became sick. That resulted to them getting kicked out from their rented home.

Watch the viral video here:

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Despite the difficulties, it’s definitely inspiring how the young student continues to take school really seriously.

Rolando said:

“This is something that I will show my children so they remember how important it is to take school seriously. Everyone should remember how fortunate they are to have a good education.

“Little Elaine will succeed in life. I am sure. She is so determined and very bright. She has lost her home and has nowhere comfortable but she still made it a priority to do her homework. It is very inspirational.”

For those interested to help out, check out this GoFundMe page.

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