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Guy Stops Working So He Can Focus On Buying Dragon Ball Collectibles





To achieve something in life, focus and dedication are both crucial. You need to devote great amount of time and effort on your goal plus you may have to check your priorities to see if you’re really inching towards your target.

For this Japanese guy, reaching his dreams meant resigning from his work. Because he seriously wants to be the world’s ultimate Dragon Ball collector!

Meet Hitoshi Uchida, the biggest Dragon Ball fan EVER.

By his own confession, Hitoshi has been an avid fan of Dragon Ball since he was a kid and he often bought collectibles. Fast forward to the present, he has amassed an astounding total of 10,098 items which gained him a Guinness World Record spot for having the largest collection of Dragon Ball memorabilia.

So yeah, you can just imagine how much money he spent for his massive collection!

According to Hitoshi, Dragon Ball main protagonist Son Goku has been his inspiration for overcoming his fear of ghosts as a kid.

“Whenever I got scared, I imagined the voice of Son Goku as I was trying to go to sleep,” he said. “(Goku) helped me cope with my fear.”

Achieving a world record came with a price.

“I quit my job in order to attempt this record,” the fanboy admitted.
With the distraction out of the way, he is now already a world record holder. And his next goal is now to meet Masako Nozawa, who voiced Goku in the anime.

For Hitoshi, Dragon Ball has always been all about teaching its audience to stay strong in front of difficulties.

He shared:

“Goku’s opponents are always stronger at first, but Goku goes beyond that. When you face an obstacle, you go over it.”

Watch the Guinness World Records feature here:

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Dragon Ball was created by writer and artist Akira Toriyama back in 1984 as a manga series in Weekly Shonen Jump. The story has since been adapted into different media including animated series, movies, video games, and lots of different merchandise.

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