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Siblings Recreate Hilarious Photos of Themselves Passed Out as Kids





Kids do a ton of things while their energy levels are high. They do a lot of running around and playing, so it’s no surprise that they’d suddenly fall asleep at the most inopportune moments. Some of these moments are lost to time, while others are immortalized in hilarious photos taken by grown-ups!

Reddit user Bsnargleplexis knows this, and he’s got the photographic evidence of him and his siblings passed out as kids. And while it may be fun to look back on as adults, it’s even more fun to recreate them, complete with all the details, and some great photo editing work too!

Check out their snapshots below.

1. Couldn't even make it onto the couch.

2. Done with the bottle, might as well just leave it right here.

3. Sleepy and hungry… But more sleepy than hungry.

4. Yep, this looks like a great spot for a nap.

5. No blanket? No problem! I'll just use this rug here.

6. Maybe if I nap here no one's going to notice that I didn't pack my toys away.

7. From faceplant straight to nap time.

8. Sliiiding on down.

9. Not enough space for the both of us on this couch.

10. Can’t finish this ice cream. MUST NAP NOW.

While some parents complain that their kids never want to take naps, Bsnargleplexis’ parents never seem to have that problem with him and his siblings!

Do you have hilarious pictures of you as a kid? Why not create your own album where you recreate your funniest moments? Share them with us below and let’s all have a laugh!

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