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Hilarious Moment Kid Brings ‘Mom’s Rocketship’ for Show and Tell





There are a lot of things that kids can bring to school for the ever-popular “Show and Tell” day. It could be their favorite game, their cute pet, or their impressive artwork. But nope, not this kid!

Show and Tell is a very famous school activity because it teaches the kids to be more comfortable in public speaking. However, a video reminded everyone that there is a high possibility that this wholesome recreation will not always go according to plan.

One of the famous episodes of the series “Mr. D” was about Show and Tell. What started out as a regular school activity quickly escalated into something terrible when one of the students brought an unpredictable object to class.

The video started out with Mr. D calling one of the students to share what she brought for Show and Tell. The young girl stood up while holding a frame. Although she successfully did the “Show” part, she failed to do the “Tell” , prompting Mr. D to call another student.

He then called Philip, who happened to bring something interesting. The young boy stood up while holding a suspicious thing, telling Mr. D and the whole class that it’s his mom’s rocketship.

Clearly knowing what the enthusiastic boy was holding, Mr. D quickly thanked him and wanted to move on. However, the innocent student was so amazed by his mom’s rocket-ship that he continued to share what it does.

“It has a switch here that you can turn it on, then it buzzes like a rocketship.”

Mr. D asked Philip to have a seat, but the boy started playing with it like a rocket-ship, heading towards him saying “Look out Mr. D, coming in for a landing.”

The teacher tried his best to avoid any contact with the “rocketship” but Philip got too close, and Mr. D swatted the thing off the boy’s hand. The whole class gasped, thinking that their teacher broke their classmate’s mom’s toy.

The young girl who didn’t say anything during her turn in the Show and Tell activity angrily said, “You broke his rocketship.”

Mr. D then responded, “Oh now you’re talking.”

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