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10 ‘Healthy’ Habits That Are Actually Not So Healthy After All





Starting a healthy lifestyle is probably one of the most popular goals as everyone strives to be fit and healthy. However, do we really understand what this type of lifestyle is all about?

Celebrities and influencers have been flaunting their lifestyles all over social media, but not everything you see is truly healthy. Here are ten common stereotypes that are actually not so healthy after all.

1. Red salmon is the healthier option.

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Although a red salmon looks healthier and more appealing, pale salmons have more omega 3, which is why it is often pricier.

2. Ergonomic furnitures will solve your issues.

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Using an expensive computer chair doesn’t automatically mean that you’re solving your backache and other issues. This piece of furniture has specific instructions, so if you’re doing it wrong, then you will not be getting the expected benefits.

3. Fruits and vegetables should always be peeled.

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The skin has a lot of vitamins in it, so you won’t be getting the nutrients that fruits and veggies offer if you’ll peel them. All you have to do is just wash them thoroughly before eating or cooking them.

4. Microwaving food gets rid of its nutrients.

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Microwaving your food on a daily basis is obviously not ideal, but it also doesn’t mean that you will lose all nutrients when you cook your food using it.

5. Stretching is a must before training.

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Coaches suggest that dynamic stretching should be done before training and static stretching for post-training.

6. You don’t need to compensate for sleep loss.

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Since your weekdays are full of stress due to work, school, and other activities, your body needs a timeout to recover. Getting more sleep time on weekends can do wonders for your body.

7. Detoxing is a must.

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Not all people can benefit from a detox. In fact, there is still more research to be done to link detox to a healthy lifestyle.

8. Positive thinking is the main key to mental health.

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Although being positive is a good thing, having a mantra like “I can do it all” can push you away from reality. You should always weigh what you can do to what you think you can do.

9. Drinking from bottles is okay.

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Plastic bottles can collect a lot of bacteria, so it is best to avoid them as much as you can.

10. Juice is a healthy drink.

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Just like sodas, juices have a tremendous amount of sugar in them which can lead to illnesses like obesity and diabetes.

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