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Guy Just Had A ‘Happy Ending’ Massage. It Didn’t End Well For Him!





Who doesn’t love a good massage? I think everyone does, right?

Well, I personally am a sucker for a nice massage. It’s always a good way to relax the mind and body after a stressful day. So I do look forward to having them.

Alex, a friend of YouTube star FouseyTube, likewise digs massages. At one point, Fousey said the guy had three massages in their apartment.

So for this prank video, Fousey hired a hot girl and then prepared a room by rigging it with several hidden cameras. It definitely did not end well for Alex!

As Alex entered the room, he was greeted by this gorgeous babe.

fouseytube-happy-ending-massage-prank 2

Photo credit: FouseyTube

She then asked him to take his clothes off.

The girl likewise took her robes off and surprise – she was wearing nothing but a bikini!

fouseytube-happy-ending-massage-prank 3

Photo credit: FouseyTube

The surprised look on Alex’s face says it all – he really couldn’t believe his luck.

There is, however, a nasty scenario that followed this seemingly sexy opportunity. After 5 minutes of giving him some massage, two guys came over and that’s when things started to take a hilarious turn – complete with lots of violent butt slaps and all.

Eventually, the girl offered to give him the “happy ending” despite him being resistant about the idea.

Watch the entire prank here and be sure to stick around for the ending:

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Needless to say, things took a hilarious turn and Alex definitely didn’t see that coming.

Would you also like to have a “happy ending” massage? We strongly doubt you’d want one!


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