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Guy Slapped By His Girlfriend On Kiss-Cam Got Rescued By Hot Babe Next to Him





Okay, not all of us are fans of the kiss cam. Personally, I would be too embarrassed to actually kiss in front of hundreds of people and have the image blown up live on a big-ass screen. No sir! But even if you are too shy for the kiss cam, it doesn’t mean you have the right to embarrass your partner when he/she tries to get a public smooch, right? Well, this lady totally went bonkers when her man did just that and humiliated him big time in front of the crowd.

She’s totally not digging the PDA…

She's totally not digging the PDA...

She slapped him and dumped a drink on his head!

She slapped him and threw a drink on his head!

Another sad story, you say. Actually, no. Because the guy got some sort of payback when the pretty brunette beside him stepped up and gave him a damn good time right then and there, with the crowd cheering in approval!

Dude got his game back!

Dude got his game back!

This was hellluva fun to see!

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