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Guy Rescued a Gosling Several Years Ago and His Life Changed Forever

No good deed goes unpaid.


What goes around comes around, so the saying goes. It also applies to good deeds, no matter how small. One man performed a minute kindness for a hapless creature, and two years later, he is reaping the rewards of a forever friendship.

Mike Jivanjee was lounging by Lake Oswego in Oregon with some buddies a couple of years ago when he spied a gosling drowning in the water. Not one to see animals suffer needlessly, Mike rescued the baby bird and took it home with him until it could fend for itself.

The newly rescued gosling.


Mike named the gosling Kyle, even after he learned it was female. For the next few years, Kyle toddled after Mike like a mini-shadow.

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The young bird went everywhere with him, and Mike was soon known as the dude with the bird.

When Mike determined Kyle had grown strong enough to fend for herself, he drove out several kilometers away from the city and set her free.

When he was satisfied that Kyle would readily integrate into her natural environment, Mike drove home. A bit sad, but fulfilled he had done his good deed.

When he got home, there was Kyle, waiting for him and looking as if to ask, “What took you so long?”

Kyle, no longer a gosling but now a full-fledged goose, formed a strong attachment to her rescuer and wouldn’t leave Mike alone to fend for himself.

She’s quite the possessive partner, too.

“Kyle is clever and quite jealous. When I have a girlfriend, she feels threatened and makes sure everyone knows this.”

Mike has said of his feathered companion.

Stay in school kids. #teammastercraft @teddi_elizabeth

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Still, the dude with the bird has realized Kyle has become the most loyal friend he has ever had.

Who knew a little kindness could blossom into a wonderful friendship.


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