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Guy Makes A Roomba That Shouts Profanities When It Hits Something And It’s Perfect

Finally, a Roomba that understands how you feel about cleaning the house!


A Roomba is truly an awesome help around the house since it is programmed to quietly clean your floors. But what if your cleaning robot actually had some feelings? One guy decided it was time to create a Roomba that screams when it runs against a wall or anything that gets in its way and the results are awesome and hilarious.

Michael Reeves is a YouTube star who has come up with some cool inventions like the cup that Tazes you when you don’t drink fast enough. However, Reeves’ fans constantly begged the young programmer to program a Roomba to shout when it bumps into stuff. Not surprisingly, Reeves finally gave in and programmed a Roomba to yell obscenities whenever it hits something.

So how did Reeves make it work? Long story short, he programmed the Roomba so that when a collision is detected by the sensors, a sound gets played in the BlueTooth speaker through Raspberry Pi, a small computer used for programming.

Reeves initially used an AI voice for the Roomba but after it started getting into an existential crisis, he decided to ask other YouTube stars to lend their voices to the program. As a result, the robot has various screaming voices, all of which are cursing whatever it is that the Roomba has run into.

Not surprisingly, people are loving the Roomba with a sailor’s vocabulary and are asking Reeves to create more.

Unfortunately, the Roomba isn’t for sale. However, Reeves does recommend trying it yourself at home with the help of a Raspberry Pi and a BlueTooth Speaker. You’ll also need some friends to record the voices that would be programmed into the robot or maybe you can use your own voice for it if that doesn’t freak you out.

Watch the full video below:

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