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Guy Gets Locked Out of Hotel Room and Takes the Worst Walk of Shame Ever





In a series of events you thought you’d only see in comdey movies, this guy got locked out of his room while he’s stark naked. And while you may feel some semblance of pity for the guy, it’s hard not to laugh at how ridiculous his situation was.

At the start of the video, the man can be seen peeking out of his hotel room to see if no one is around. Afterwards, he walks out naked with a tray of dishes and puts it down on the hallway. Unfortunately, he failed to account for the fact that his hotel room door closes and locks automatically.

The moment he realized that there's no turning back from here.

Source: YouTube

At first, he’s kinda hopeful that maybe if he just pushes hard enough, the door will open but to no avail. And as if taking his cue from a comedy scene, he grabs two plates to conceal whatever dignity he has left and heads to the lobby.

The next challenge involves getting into the elevator. It’s easy enough to get there but it’s not that great an experience for the folks he’ll be riding with. In this case, it’s a mother and a child who promptly exit the elevator.

The kid didn't need an impromptu anatomy lesson.

Source: YouTube

Walking from the elevators to the lobby, the poor man runs into another guy walking walking towards him. The other guy discretely pretends to find something extremely interesting out the window, just so he won’t have to make eye contact with this desperate-looking naked dude.

"That's a really interesting bird!"

Source: YouTube

Finally, the man arrives at the front desk and asks for help. Sadly, the hotel receptionist doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation, and instead says,

Okay, no problem. Do you have any ID?

To which our naked hero responds,

Yeah, I don’t have any clothes on.

The unhelpful hotel employee who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of nakedness insists, “I just need to see your driver’s license.” And what better way to respond to that than “How can I have a driver’s license if I’m naked, man?”

Watch the video here:

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So for all of you hotel-goers out there, don’t even think about stepping out of your room naked. And better yet, make use of a door stopper!

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