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Guy Tricked Friend Into Attending Son’s Christening Party in Costume





It’s important to be well-informed about certain details when you are attending an event. For example, you want to know the exact date, time, and venue of the event so you can show up at the right time and the right place.

Of course, it is likewise crucial that you know the attire or dress code, if any. You wouldn’t want to end up looking silly if you go wearing something inappropriate.

Take it from this guy who wore a full crusader gear and attended a Christening party.

Source: Imgur
As it turns out, he was the only one in costume!

Source: Imgur

How did this happen in the first place, you ask? Well it seems like Imgur user Surgas is behind the unintentionally evil plan.

According to Surgas:

“Three weeks before the party we were hanging out at my place and at some point out of the blue I said: ‘by the way the christening party is gonna be different.. It will be a costume party!’ It came quite sudden and I did expect the usual -shut up you twat!- but he just looked at me though a bit suspicious… I had an Ipad in my lap and I started to search for cool costumes. We had some great laughs and talked about going as Rocksteady and Bebop. At this point I was actually sure he had figured out the scam but hey, we had fun.. He went home and I did not think more of it.”

Surgas later received a message from his bestfriend, asking for a sword.

Source: Imgur

“2 weeks later, he suddenly texted me that he had found the PERFECT outfit and asked if I had a plastic sword he could borrow.. what the… I answered: sorry I do not have a plastic sword, looking forward to see your outfit..

“Even at this point, 2 weeks later! I actually thought he was just playing along with the joke.. I guess I was wrong.”

Surgas said, “I was literally rolling around the floor laughing when he entered the church!”

Source: Imgur
His significant other was so embarrassed!

Source: Imgur
“My mom thought he was some part of an entertainment,” Surgas added.

Source: Imgur

As anyone can expect, the photos went viral on social media and now crusader guy is officially a meme.

I know I’m supposed to feel bad for this guy but no, this is actually very hilarious. I wouldn’t take my costume too if that sort of thing happened to me! Kudos to him for being such a sport.

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