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24 Incredible Sculptures That Defy Gravity

These sculptures do not follow the laws of physics at all.

Like any form of art, sculptures are meant to challenge our human way of thinking. From our beliefs to prejudices to the concept of believing how stuff works, art is a medium that challenges these aspects. This is exactly what this compilation offers.

Elite Readers has come up with a list of sculptures that defies and questions the laws set in physics and gravity. In one way or another, they will challenge your brain to think outside of the box as you try to understand how they are made.

Scroll down below and prepare to be mesmerized by these sculptures!

#1. The Force Of Nature By Lorenzo Quinn

#2. Wursa By Daniel Firman

#3. Wire Fairies By Robin Wight

Source: Robin Wight
#4. Trans Ī Re By Fredrik Raddum

#5. Floating Stone By Smaban Abbas

Source: Smaban Abbas
#6. Take My Lighting But Don’t Steal My Thunder By Alex Chinneck

#7. Coffee Kiss By Johnson Tsang

#8. Hyper-Realistic Illusions Carved Out Of Wood By Tom Eckert

Source: Tom Eckert
#9. Book Sculptures By Alicia Martin

#10. Window With Ladder – Too Late For Help By Leandro Erlich

#11. The Virgins Of Apeldoorn By Elisabet Stienstra

#12. Car Sculptures By Gerry Judah

Source: Gerry Judah
#13. Les Voyageurs By Bruno Catalano

#14. Wurf VI By Anna Borgman And Candy Lenk

#15. De Vaartkapoen By Tom Frantzen

Source: chilllilima
#16. Monte-Meubles, L’Ultime Déménagement – Leandro Erlich

#17. Suspended By Menashe Kadishman

#18. Balancing Sculptures By Jerzy Kędziora

#19. Pick Yourself Up And Pull Yourself Together By Alex Chinneck

#20. Abedo By Emil Alzamora

#21. Stone Balancing By Adrian Gray

Source: Adrian Gray
#22. Pentateuque By Fabien Mérelle

Source: art_motive
#23. Michael Jones Sculpture By Jerzy Kędziora

#24. La Voiture Sur Le Lampadaire By Benedetto Bufalino

In some ways, these gravity-defying sculptures speak volumes of meaning. It could be the daily burden of life, the beauty of love, etc. In any case, they are just all stunning!


10 of the Worst Feelings Ever, and Everyone Can Relate To Them

It just feels bad, man.

Every person in this world, in one way or another, has his or her own likes and dislikes when it comes to a lot of things. It is just human nature. so to speak. For instance, some might like eating pizzas with pineapple toppings, while others do not. Some might like the idea of traveling, while others would prefer saving up. Some might like watching a certain T.V show, while others simply prefer going to the movies. You see, the list just goes on and on.

Interestingly, an artist by the name of Jacob Andrews decided to venture on this topic by drawing up the 10 Objectively Worst Feelings in the World. Although he presents it in a hilarious way possible, it cannot be denied that his drawings are something that everyone can relate to. And mind you, these do not portray the deepest and meaningful feelings in terms of life and death issues. Nor do they convey a complicated analysis of the human psyche. These are basically first world problems of the very worst kind.

The comics are part of Andrews’ series which he originally created on College Humor. They are really thought-provoking, most especially if you are looking to balance your life with some positivity (because who on earth do not want such, right?). Well, it is actually something that the world really needs now....

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25 Hilarious Comics About A Socially-Awkward Guy You Can Probably Relate To

Everything goes wrong when you’re socially-awkward!

Aside from catching up with friends and memes, one thing I love about social media is checking out some online comics. There are a lot of good, hilarious webcomics out there that are truly worth-reading and I’m always pleased to add new ones to those I’m currently following.

Like this one by a certain fella who uses the name Portuguese Geese. In BoredPanda feature, we learn that the artist has been drawing comics since he was young. He began doing webcomics in 2015, taking inspiration from his own life. “90% of my work,” he shared, “is based off personal experience, mostly awkward ones”.

Now his stuff, which is usually about the (mis)adventures of an awkward guy, is gaining positive reactions on social media because it’s truly funny and very relatable. ...

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Artist Bakes Pop Culture-Inspired Pies That Are Too Beautiful To Eat

You have never seen the like of these pies before.

Nowadays, it is almost a crime not to take pictures of food before it gets eaten. And for chefs or people who prepare food, they always make sure that what's on the plate looks pretty enough for a photograph. For Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin – a confectionery artist – this seems to be the norm. Well, actually, she bakes pies that are too beautiful to eat.

Jessica’s pie adventure is called “Pies are awesome,” and she has been pushing the limits of pie decoration ever since. Her works are mostly inspired by pop culture, with illustrations of famous celebrities, characters, and scenes. She even turns them into puns, with “Pie Hard” and “Live and Let Pie” being her favorites.

She was quoted saying,...

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