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Designer with a Sense of Humor Takes Request Too Literally, Creates Brilliant Poster





Being a graphic designer can be tough. Most of them are not given enough credit for the incredible work they do. Most of the time, they even have to deal with demanding clients and their impossible requests. Well, one designer, his name is Dave, is up for any challenge.

When the owner of The Friars – a pub in Bridgnorth, England – asked a graphic designer named Dave for help in putting together a poster for the pub’s Music Nights, he didn’t think he’d play a huge role in the creative process.

Music Nights is the English pub’s weekly feature of musical performances. The owner simply texted Dave with his request, and Dave right away agreed to work on the promotional material. The graphic designer asked for the details – as would any responsible artist – and the owner sent them all.

The result was this brilliant poster, which has caught the attention of quite a number of people on Twitter.

Source: Tom Wysocki

User @theafrix, praising the designer, posted to Twitter:

Source: Twitter

Other users also thought the poster was funny and brilliant. They basically liked the simplicity of it. One Twitter user said:

“What I like about this is that they actually put it up.”

While another expressed admiration for the graphic designer:

“You’re a legend Dave.”

Others, however, were skeptical about how the poster was actually made. One user said:

“Font + spacing is all wrong. What’s funny is it would have been easier to act out this convo and screenshot than to try and dummy one up.”

Another Twitter user replied:

“[Insert mild argument here over whether or not Dave recreated the screenshot in high resolution vs. just taking the screenshot]”

How about you? What do you think of this poster? Let us know in the comments below.

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