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An 89-Year-Old Grandma Steals the Show as A Bridesmaid in Granddaughter’s Wedding





Who says there are age limits for bridesmaids? An 89-year-old grandmother named Betty Govern a.k.a. Nana Betty proved that no one is too old to be a bridesmaid. Her granddaughter Christine Quinn invited her to her wedding with Patrick Quinn in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. Although she didn’t expect Betty to say yes, the groovy grandmother did grant the bride’s request.

Speaking to Huffington Post, Christine revealed that picking Betty as her bridesmaid was a no-brainer since she considers her as one of her best friends.

According to here:

“She just has an amazing sense of humor and outlook on life that I strive to emulate every day. Everyone loves her.”

Surprisingly, the elderly woman became the life of the party at Christine’s wedding. Instead of skipping the party to sleep early, Betty decided to have a fun night with the rest of the guests.

The bride added:

“She also danced the entire night away, including an adorable moment when she and my husband’s grandmother, Bellsie, danced together. It was amazing.”

Betty even imparted an important lesson to Christine:

“You’re only as old as you feel and I feel young today.We’ll all grow old, but we don’t necessarily have to grow up!”

Here are some of the photos from the wedding.

After being invited to be a bridesmaid in Christine’s wedding, Betty asked:”Why would you want an old lady in your bridal party?’”


Photo credit: Sweetwater Portraits
“All of your bridesmaids are young and pretty, why would you want me?”


Photo credit: Sweetwater Portraits
Later, Christine can only comment: “Obviously Nana is beautiful too. Just look at those photos!”


Photo credit: Sweetwater Portraits
During the occasion, Betty said “You’re only as old as you feel and I feel young today.”


Photo credit: Sweetwater Portraits

Kudos to the couple for making this cool grandma feel special. A big thumbs up for Betty too for being cool about the idea in the first place!


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