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20 Grammar Jokes That All Grammar Nerds Will Definitely Appreciate





Let’s admit it – grammar is not everybody’s expertise. From spelling, collocation, punctuation, and the seemingly infinite guidelines for correct subject-verb-agreement, the English language is plagued with too many rules that just feel impossible to remember all at once.

However, learning grammar need not be a boring and painstaking process. There are definitely more fun ways to remember its rules, sans the confusion that almost always accompany each lesson.

“How,” you say? Enter, grammar jokes! You see, using grammar jokes can be a fun and effective way to help us recall those innumerable rules. Reader’s Digest has compiled a list of jokes that each grammar nerd, and hopefully even those who aren’t, will appreciate.

We hope that these play on words and rules will show you the hilarious side of grammar and maybe, just maybe, encourage you to enjoy it, too (if you still haven’t, that is). Who knows, you might just benefit from it. Besides, grammar is knowing the difference between your sh*t and you’re sh*t.

Check out these photos:

1. This tense moment.

2. This reasonable difference.

3. This appropriate knock-knock joke.

4. This dating rule.

5. This Santa joke.

6. This pregnant woman who was having contractions.

7. This play on words.

8. This untimely apology.

9. This only remaining dinosaur.

10. This double standard.

11. This Shakespeare issue.

12. This irony.

13. This act that could spell disaster.

14. This poor, unknown letter.

15. This common-sense answer.

16. This unexpected twist.

17. This extremely accurate consolation.

18. This undoubtedly smart kid.

19. This heinous offense.

20. This wise but anonymous writer.

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