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Girl Meets Her Long-Lost Father She Hasn’t Seen For 10 Years After Booking A Grab Ride

A young teen unexpectedly meets her father she hasn’t seen for 10 years. This is after she booked a Grab ride whose driver happens to be her dad.

Who knew that Grab drivers can lead you to more than just your desired destination, but also to the person close to your heart whom you thought you’ve already lost forever?

Like Uber, Grab has already become a widely-used app because it offers easier ride hailing to millions of commuters from across the world. One lady from Indonesia, however, received an extremely surprising bonus from her recent Grab ride as she found her long-lost father – who was unexpectedly her booked driver!

Who would’ve thought that Grab will be the way for a girl and her father to meet again after ten years?

Source: Yahoo

17-year-old Salma Zuhara booked for a GrabBike a couple of days ago to pick her up from her school and drive her home to Centrl Java, Indonesia. As this has been a typical routine for her, she said she did not really pay much attention during that certain booking. However, when her ride came to her school, she was quite amused that her driver turned out to be her father whom she has not seen for 10 years!

Salma was separated from his father when she was younger after her parents decided to divorce.

Salma later shared the experience on social media and wrote:

“I went home from school and ordered a GrabBike. I then got a driver. I wasn’t paying attention at first. When the driver arrived, I looked at him, it turned out he was my papa.”

Shocked to see a familiar face after such a long time, the teenager said she did not know to react and rather felt awkward to finally find her dad in the most unexpected setup. The father-and-daughter duo later warmed up after a few minutes. This was after they started a small talk about Salma’s school.

According to Buzzflare, Salma revealed that her parents are already divorced and they were separated for 10 years now. After her parents finalized their divorce, the young lady never saw her father again but caught wind that he has been traveling to different places. Salma wasn’t sure whether her father already has a new family and didn’t take courage to even ask. She is hoping though that they can find time to bond together despite their current circumstances they.

She referred to the meeting as a blessing and said:

“For your information, my mama and papa divorced a long time ago and we hadn’t heard from him since. Now, God arranged our meeting like this. I’m so moved after not seeing my papa for years.”

To be sure that their odd meeting will not be the last, Salma left her number to her dad so they can still keep in touch.


8-Year-Old Boy Hailed As Hero For Bravely Saving His Baby Sister From Massive House Fire

An 8-year-old boy was hailed hero by firefighters of his town as he rescued his baby sister from a massive house fire.

While firefighters are normally hailed as heroes in every fire scene, a very young boy from New Hampshire has shown great bravery in the face of danger as he saved his baby sister from probable death. Staying calm and self-collected, Harrison Holt is now recognized as a little hero by their town fire department.

Last month, the Holt family has been in a tragic incident where a big fire destroyed their home and could have taken lives of some of the members if not for Harrison’s brave act. The family patriarch, John, discovered a fire spreading from their barn to their house. While John was able to immediately call 911 for help, he had to hand the phone over to his 8-year-old son Harrison to try to put off the fire.

Harrison Holt has become a young hero as he bravely stepped through the fire to save his baby sister.


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Canadian Woman Travels To The Philippines To Marry The Guy She Met Online

True love definitely knows no distance!

True love definitely knows no distance, social status, or even race. Although we've already seen that demonstrated in many Hollywood movies and romance novels, it's always most heartwarming when it happens in real life.

Case in point, the beautiful story you will read below is exactly about that. This recently went viral on social media and everyone has since been gushing about the cute couple.

How far would you travel for love?


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Off-Duty Cop Gets Hailed As Hero After Saving A Girl From Her Terrible Date

“Right now I’m deciding if I want some of my buddies come pick you up,” the police officer threatened the guy.

Sometimes, it’s amazing how a simple question sparks the most interesting answers. Take for example this thread on Reddit that asked ladies to share their “worst ‘nice guy’ experiences” which eventually took an unexpected twist when one user posted a feel good story.

According to the said post, Reddit user ThrowAwayForPancakes overheard a guy and a girl on a restaurant date and felt disturbed by the whole thing. Why? Well, the guy, it turns out, was pretty much of a douchebag and was threatening her in very wrong ways.

The Redditor wanted to confront the guy but fortunately, an off duty cop decided to do something about the situation.


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