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Doctor Checks Man’s Nostril and Pulls Out a Giant Ball of Snot!




Warning: Graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

The human body is an amazing machine, with each part – from the minute cells to the largest organs – performing specific functions. As such, it is important to ensure that our body is taken cared of. However, there are some instances when we forget to practice personal hygiene, or pay little attention to taking care of our body which results in build-up of bodily fluids, lodgment of foreign bodies, or worse, insect infestation. These may pose an array of negative effects to our health, ranging from slight discomfort to severe medical emergencies.

The following story, although relatively mild compared to other instances of excess bodily fluid build-up, is still gross and disturbing nonetheless.


Photo credit: Youtube

The unidentified man in the video consulted a health professional due to an “irritated sinus” and discomfort when breathing through his nose. However, upon inspection, the doctor discovered the reason behind his troubles and decided to remove it immediately.

Watch the video here:

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Yes, what you saw was a giant ball of snot being removed from the man’s nostril. Quite disturbing, right? Although, on a lighter note, it seems that the man can finally breathe easily, now that the doctor has removed the giant snot blocking his airway. Let’s hope that he learned his lesson and starts blowing his nose regularly.

Source: Rare/Youtube/Ben Jones


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