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Guy’s Bizarre Water Tricks Involve Regurgitated Water





We are all trying to conserve water as much as we can. However, one man is taking recycling to a whole new level. His bizarre magic tricks involve regurgitating water and are not for the faint-hearted.

The video starts off with the man easily drinking a huge bottle of water. He doesn’t seem satisfied with the drink and requests for another jug, which he quickly finishes. At first, it doesn’t look like much will be happening. However, the guy has a truly bizarre trick up his sleeve.

This man is about to blow your mind with a truly weird magic trick.

He begins to regurgitate the water back into the first bottle. It takes a few tries before he could find a good angle to truly show off his skills. When he finally gets into an ideal position, he holds the bottle out at arm’s length and shoots water from his mouth straight into the jug.

It is clear that the man wanted to find a good position to confirm that he wasn’t getting help from a nearby hose. He finishes regurgitating the water into the bottle then chugs it back down.

You might think he is finally done recycling all that water. However, the man isn’t quite finished and decides to do something truly bizarre with the water he drank for the second time.

That trick should come in handy when you’re washing the car.

The man declares that the water truly is inside his body. He grabs a toothbrush and begins brushing his teeth then pushes water up from his belly to rinse his mouth.

The water isn’t just for his teeth. He brings back enough water to wash his face and even bends down to clean his feet.

It certainly looks like the bizarre trick took a lot of practice. However, we would still recommend getting clean the proper way and avoid using regurgitated water to wash up.

Ready to see the full video? Check it out below:

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