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25 Genius Kids With Brilliantly Hilarious Test Answers





Some kids these days are so smart, you’d be surprised with their thinking. Case in point, me and my 3-year-old son were reading a Peter Pan book one day and then we reached the part where The Lost Boys were introduced. My boy suddenly asked, “Why are they lost?” I casually answered “No, they’re not lost. That’s just their group’s name.” I, however, had to hold my laughter the rest of the time as I realized how ridiculous and funny his question was.

Such demonstration of young wit isn’t very uncommon nowdays. In fact, the compilation below will show you how smart and hilarious some kids can get.

Scroll down and have a good chuckle!

#1. The Chinese immigrant.

#1 Brilliant

Source: Imgur
#2. This kid’s a toughie!

#2 This Kid Is Going To Be Ok

Source: Imgur
#3. This pet-loving child is awesome.

#3 My Friend's 5 Year Old Son Had This For Homework Tonight, And He Changed The Answer To Something More Humane

Source: Imgur
#4. Turning an enemy into something useful.

#4 This Is Kid Is Much Smarter Than I Am

Source: Imgur
#5. The kid actually has a point.

#5 Taxonomy

Source: Reddit
#6. This kindergarten boy’s impressive accuracy.

#6 My Son, The Realist, Brought This Home With Some Of His Kindergarten Schoolwork

Source: Reddit
#7. You have to be a little more specific with this kid.

#7 Can't Deny That

Source: Reddit
#8. Well it said “ten words,” right?

#8 Apparently Even 7 Year Old Me Was A Smart Ass

Source: Imgur
#9. Foul-mouthed student.

#9 I Too Have A Daughter Going Places

Source: Reddit
#10. “Show your thinking.”

#10 This Is Why My Kid Is Going Places

Source: Reddit
#11. Honesty at its finest.

#11 So Young. So Honest

Source: Imgur
#12. This future marriage counselor.

#12 This Kid Is Going Places

Source: Reddit
#13. A young advocate of wounder warriors.

#13 This Kid Is Going Places In Life!

Source: Reddit
#14. Heartless indeed!

#14 Giraffes Are Heartless Creatures

#15. Spot on!

#15 This Smart Kid

#16. In case you’re confused, this girl’s mother sells snow shovels.

#16 Little Girl Drew A Picture Of Her Mom At Work. The Mother Is Actually Selling A Snow Shovel At Home Depot

Source: Imgur
#17. Name the quadlateral.

#17 My Friend's Daughter Taking The Instructions Literally

Source: Imgur
#18. Nice try!

#18 Nice Try

#19. This kid made me hungry…

#19 This Kid's A Genius

Source: Reddit
#20. What else, right?

#20 Hard Water

#21. Kudos to the teacher for being cool with all the wild answers.

#21 My Kid's Teacher Is Apparently Okay With His Wild Answers On Spelling Tests

Source: Reddit
#22. Burn!

#22 This Honest Kid

Source: Imgur
#23. Sorry, kid. Ain’t gonna happen!

#23 My Little Brother Was Quite Ambitious In Preschool

Source: Reddit
#24. Communism.

#24 This Smart Kid

#25. Future programmer.

#25 Well, If You Say So

Source: Imgur

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