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The Genius Behind The Iconic Shape and Design of Soda Cans





Ever held a soda can in your hand and wondered why is it shaped that way? If you answered ‘no’ then that’s okay. Most of us do not give much thought about these aluminum cans anyway, right? But just in case you responded with a ‘yes’ to that question, then today must be your lucky day!

Bill Hammack, otherwise known as the engineerguy on YouTube, made a very informative video explaining the reason – and the genius – behind the cylindrical shape of soda cans.

It’s truly fascinating, to say the least!

Why not a sphere? Or cube-shaped, maybe? YouTuber engineerguy shares the science behind the iconic soda can design.

According to Bill, about half a trillion cans are manufactured every year. The design, he says, serves a very special purpose. Besides, experts consider the shape as the most practical when the sodas are packed and displayed together.

Watch his video below:

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I don’t know about you but personally, watching the soda can manufacturing process while listening to the YouTuber’s explanations made a satisfying viewing experience for me.

Also, I gotta admit I felt a little bit smarter after watching that. I will probably never look at a soda can the same way as I did before. I kinda appreciate it even more now!

Or heck, who am I kidding here? I may just be looking for a perfect excuse to down another can of Coke today.

So if you will excuse me, I gotta reach for the fridge. Cheers, everyone!

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