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This Guy Transformed His 396 Square Feet Garage into an Awesome Apartment. This is So Cool!




The garage door had been taken out and substituted it with a standard door size.


Photo credit: McCartney / Imgur
The pipes are installed outside the wall.


Photo credit: McCartney / Imgur

To cut the expense for the piping, Mikey chose to just add the pipes at the outside of the “wet wall” for a good venting.  With this, the 2×4 framing would already fit the pipe for the toilet.

Trenches are dug for the water line, sewer, and electrical lines.


Photo credit: McCartney / Imgur

According to Mike, trenching was the most difficult part that he had encountered during renovation. For the electrical lines alone at the left side, he needed to dig trench as deep as 18” for the laying of pipes. The right trench was reserved for the sewer line while the middle trench was used for the water line.

They also built garden beds.


Photo credit: McCartney / Imgur

Two large above-ground garden beds were also built. The garden beds are a little bit bent because of too much dirt. The small hole on the wall between the two windows was the provision for the air conditioning unit.

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