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Things Parents Say That Non-Parents Find Goofy Hilarious!





When we become parents, many things change. Aside from the serious stuff like life goals, financial priorities and seriousness level, the way we act or speak becomes far from when we were single. Before, we would make fun of other parents for saying cheesy things like “Is that a booboo? Where is the booboo? I’m going to kiss it!” For us, it is nothing but hilarious and crazy — a big DUH! moment. However, when it is our time to be the head of the family, we may find ourselves saying the same cheesy stuff to our kids because it suddenly seem perfectly normal. Yeah, it is funny how life can turn around just like that.

In this video we found, young parents try to re-enact how they speak and act like in front of their little kids. For parents, this clip is a good laugh. For non-parents, this will make you cringe. But remember, you have to be like this when you finally decide to have kids!

Watch the video here:

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Parenthood is an amazing thing because it teaches us how to be selfless and heighten our caring skills. It may be hard but we have to say, it is worth it.

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