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16 Valentine’s Day Greetings Gone Wrong





Whenever Valentine’s day arrives, everyone’s looking for the best gifts to give, restos to dine at, or maybe concerts or movies to watch with their loved ones.

Well if you’re into “old school” ways of expressing affection, you may even be looking for the right V-day card for your significant other.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Call me old-fashioned but I’m someone who believes that a simple card with handwritten message is usually far more effective than text message, an email, or maybe even a Facebook status. It does require a little more effort but hey, it’s much more romantic and heartfelt!

Make sure, however, that you never take cue from any of these bad cards and messages. NEVER! Or you might end up being completely alone on Valentine’s.

Scroll down and have a good laugh!

#1. Such a brutal way of saying “I like your face!”

valentines day cards 5

Source: Imgur
#2. “Don’t fight my methane cuddles.”

valentines day cards 6

Source: Imgur
#3. Getting some mixed signals here…

valentines day cards 2

Source: Reddit
#4. Pranked by a fortune cookie?

valentines day cards 3

Source: Reddit
#5. Probably NOT a good idea…

valentines day cards 4

Source: Reddit
#6. Hoser? Like seriously?

valentines day cards 7

Source: Imgur
#7. The child possibly meant well but this sounded extremely morbid.

valentines day cards 1

Source: Reddit
#8. This chocolate eating tutorial is so wrong.

valentines day cards 8

Source: Imgur
#9. To appreciate this better, you have to know that Ravioli is an, uhm, aphrodisiac.

valentines day cards 9

Source: Imgur
#10. Uhh… I miss you too?

valentines day cards 10

Source: Reddit
#11. Referencing Dr. Seuss in a slightly dirty way.

valentines day cards 11

Source: Imgur
#12. That escalated pretty quickly.

valentines day cards 12

Source: Imgur
#13. If someone gave you this card, do yourself a favor and run for your life.

valentines day cards 13

Source: The Oatmeal
#14. That’s really aggressive.

valentines day cards 14

Source: Reddit
#15. So much for optimism!

valentines day cards 15

Source: Reddit
#16. Guess what your parents did 9 months ago.

valentines day cards 16

Source: Reddit
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