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Taal Volcano Evacuees Show Humor As They Rock Clothing From Donations

These people proved they can still smile, even in the face of terrible conditions.

Mark Andrew





The Philippines is known for many things. Their fantastic beaches, the delicious foods, their award-winning singers and beauty queens, and, of course, the positive attitude of its citizens.

Ask any tourist who has ever been to the country and they’ll always tell you Filipinos are among the happiest people out there. And they have the uncanny ability to still carry a smile in the face of great difficulties.

Case in point, the people below have been forced to stay at evacuation centers in Batangas after Taal Volcano began spewing ashes everywhere. Authorities raised the alarm to alert level #4 (out of 5) and yet these evacuees, as the pictures prove it, have not lost their sense of humor at all.

It’s both hilarious and inspiring! Go check out these photos we’ve seen making the rounds on social media lately.

#1. Is that a freakin’ schoolgirl uniform? LOL!

Seeing this one alone totally made my day. But wait, there’s more…

#2. Nice coat!

With that jacket, I’m guessing he’s probably a gameshow host. Or a religious leader!

#3. At least she’s got company.

#4. Food, water, and masks everywhere – plus skirts and lab gowns.

The bodyguards.

You wouldn’t want to mess around with these guys.

That smile says everything.

These girls are dressed up as fast food workers.

Burgers and fries, anyone?

Hey there, sexy!

Let’s go scouting – with grandma.

Definitely the most adorable girl scout out there. If she’s selling any cookies, send her over. We’re buying everything!

Reporting for duty, sir.

He sure looks the part of a security officer.

#11. These Filipino guys sure love their skirts.
#12. And of course, we saved the best for last!

I wonder who donated her wedding gown to this guy.

All kidding aside, we couldn’t help but admire these cheerful people. Not everyone can manage to stay happy when they’re under terrible conditions.


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