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15 of The Most Hilarious Menu Translations Ever

I am getting #7!


If you’ve been to restaurants in China or Japan, then you must have encountered hilariously bad menu translations. It’s important for foreign customers to get an English translation of whatever they’re having and these restaurant owners seem to be experts at getting the best English translators in town. Our best guess is these translators probably didn’t get paid well.

Or perhaps, they just want to make the menu more appetizing. Here are 15 of the funniest menu translations in restaurant history.

Roasted husband anyone?

#1. Gotta trust Google!


Photo credit: Thomas Cheng
#2. Not sure if I want to include that in my order..


Photo credit: Unknown
#3. Probably not the best ice cream flavour


Photo credit: Imgur
#4. A German dish in a Chinese restaurant. Uh-oh!


Photo credit: Imgur
#5. Yeah, I’ll get whatever!


Photo credit: Jeff Mather
#6. There’s a big difference…


Photo credit: Unknown
#7. A best-seller for frustrated wives.


Photo credit: MF in China
#8. Unsure? Use Wikipedia


Photo credit: Imgur
#9. This doesn’t look appetizing.


Photo credit: Imgur
#10. This time, it’s the bullfrog’s turn.


Photo credit: Smarcuccio
#11. At least it’s sweet!


Photo credit: JNightHawk
#12. I hope Wang’s ok now…


Photo credit: Olli
#13. Who would say no to that?


Photo credit: Unknown
#14. USB or Sushi?


Photo credit: PainonTap
#15. Yeah, we are confused too…


Photo credit: imgur


This Couple Got Married On A Tightrope 80 Feet Above The Ground

The ceremony was so rad it is actually illegal.

Two tightrope walkers Chris Bull and Phoebe Baker decided to bring back the tradition of getting hitched on a tightrope 80 feet in the air.

Wearing formal wedding attire, the two wire walkers started walking from the opposite ends of the 250 foot-long wire before finally uniting in the middle to tie the knot in May 1, 2015.

They said their vows over the heads of their 100 guests who are watching them in awe at the grounds of Somerset England.

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Wild Hog with Mysterious Bright Blue Fat Found in California

I’ve never seen anything like this before!


A couple in California discovered a shocking find inside a wild hog they recently shot.

The couple, who saw the wild hog roaming the bush in their ranch in Morgan Hill decided to shoot the animal and transport it home for the meat.

After draining the pig’s blood, the pair was surprised to see that its fat was consistently stained bright blue. On the other hand, the pig’s meat and blood were of normal color.

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Muslim Teenager Arrested After Teacher Mistakes His Homemade Clock for Bomb

President Obama invited the boy to bring the “hoax bomb” he made at home in the White House.

A Muslim 9th grader living in Texas, 14-year-old teenager Ahmed Mohamed was detained because he brought a clock he had built from scratch to school, and his teachers thought it was a bomb.

Hoping to impress his new teacher at MacArthur High, the little whiz, who dreamed of becoming an engineer, proudly showed to his engineering teacher the digital clock he'd made from a pencil case. Instead of being proud of this student’s skills, the school called police and he was arrested.

This ain't a bomb.

ahmed 3

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