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40 Times Librarians Proved They Have a Great Sense of Humor

Whoever said librarians have no great sense of humor?






Libraries have long been associated with the word “silence.” You read all the books you want as long as you keep your mouths shut. Or, if you have to talk, you must have to whisper. Apparently, humor is part of every library in the world.

Elite Readers has compiled a list of librarians who, in one way or another, found a way to introduce humor. From mocking visitors’ requests to motivating students in a hilarious way, this funny compilation will definitely get your attention. Check them out below!

#1. When you are a librarian who loves to wear a panda hat.

#2. Troll librarian found.

Source: sidshembekar
#3. This is one hell of a way to remind students.

Source: TNMurse
#4. Sorry, Max.

#5. Looking forward to it!

#6. If Batman does it, so should you!

#7. Librarian dressed up as a reaper who actually collects overdue books.

#8. Well…

#9. Yup, that is librarian humor right there.

Source: Kroi
#10. This local library is taking mugshots of people reading banned books.

#11. When your library becomes something like the movie “Interstellar.”

Source: Imgur
#12. Here is how you address cold in your town.

#13. At least they are trying to distinguish which is which.

Source: WombatJack
#14. Now you know.

#15. Just keeping you safe, boy.

#16. Sing with me.

#17. In 1, 2, 3…

#18. Does your library have this?

Source: HiDDenk00l
#19. Told you it is dark.

Source: Reddit
#20. Sorry but this one is not staged.

Source: Kaoswzrd
#21. Just in case you did not know.

#22. Again, do not go solo.

#23. See what they did there?

Source: padair720
#24. I was studying in a library when my phone rang, and the next thing I see was this.

Source: Anttu
#25. Keyword: Maintenance.

#26. This is a what now?

#27. For anyone who keeps saying that the book is color blue.

Source: Karahdactyl
#28. The next time you bring your phone with you, read this.

Source: underrated
#29. What is the exception again, Ma’am?

#30. OMG. I cannot stop laughing!

#31. Well, at least, you now know who to call for help.

Source: tesseevaa
#32. In case you did not know, this is a pun right here. “Redbox” is actually a movie rental company.

#33. Sometimes, a disorganized library can be fun.

Source: K3MEST
#34. Which of these invisible books do you want to borrow, Barry?

Source: mcmlibrary
#35. Orange is the new…

Source: AmmmieM
#36. Truth hurts.

Source: dog-mom
#37. You know your librarian is cool when he/she uses memes.

#38. Oh, by the way…

Source: the_peev
#39. Just a motivational poster to keep you… motivated, of course.

Source: Reddit
#40. Introducing a new labeling system.

Whether or not they made you laugh, you cannot deny the fact that these librarians made sense. Well, as long as they keep students or readers interested, why not?

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