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25 of the Funniest Ironies That Ever Occurred

So much irony, it hurts!


The world is filled with ironies. Sometimes, it even causes us extreme sorrow, such as when a couple who loves kids so much gets married but never has children of their own or those people who are not in any sort of relationship but keep seeing happy couples and saccharine moments around them.

But, irony need not always be sad and disappointing. There are times when it can bring us a few laughs, too. From broken door bell in a repair shop to 50 Cent’s 50-cent worth album, the irony just feels so strong.

So, if you’re having a bit of a rough day and are in need of a few giggles and laughs, we sure got you covered. Check out this compilation of photos that show how hilarious (and a bit disappointing!) irony can be:

1. Yep, we can repair anything!

Source: imgur
2. No pizzas were harmed while taking this photo.

Source: boredpanda
3. This is poetry.

4. This one speaks volumes.

5. Dare to be different.

6. Dog came to the vet clinic because it swallowed a Monopoly piece.

Source: Reddit
7. The other vehicle is an Escort.

8. The irony almost hurts.

9. You should get this for someone’s birthday, so they can party like it’s their birthday!

10. The irony breaks me.

11. Awesome College of Architecture and Planning is awesome.

12. Word.

13. Says who?

14. I have no words for this.

15. Guess the book works, huh?

16. So conflicted about this.

17. I’ll buy all five pieces.

Source: boredpanda
18. Oh, this delicious irony.

19. “…and ends with me.”

Source: boredpanda
20. Well, he didn’t see that coming, did he?

21. Now accepting resumes

Source: boredpanda
22. That’s one obedient dog.

23. That says it all.

24. Uhm, just about right.

Source: boredpanda
25. Uh, he looks really free.


20 Cheaters Who Got Busted And Simply Got What They Deserve

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Some people can’t seem to stay in one place that they just had to cheat on their partners. These people are everywhere and while some can be downright honest and can own up to their mistakes, others can be dumb, hopeless cases. The latter are those that have tried over and over to hide their actions but they end up ruining everything and making matters worse.

There are just people who can’t help themselves. But for those who plan on cheating on their partners, getting caught red-handed for cheating on your partner would be the dumbest thing you could ever do. Everyone knows how it works these days – the most common strategy for getting back at a cheater is to publicly shame them.

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The thing is, conflicts aren't limited to humans. Apparently, animals piss off each other, too, which also means that some animals are jerks, too. Take this particular fish for example.

In a viral video uploaded by a Facebook user named Dawn Oliphant-Dababneh, we'll see a fish peacefully creating a burrow underneath a rock. Obviously, the fish wanted to build a shelter. Then, another fish comes in and does the unthinkable. The video, which was taken at Seaside Tropical Fish in California, is already funny as it is, but the captions that were added just made the scenario a whole lot more hilarious!

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Some children may struggle with the idea of having a brother or a sister during the early years of their lives. The thing is, some of them don't even try to hide their dislike for their siblings. And, the way these kids show their utter disappointment and disgust are just absolutely hilarious!

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