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30 Appropriate Gifts For Your Grammar Nazi Friend





I think everyone of us knows at least one person who makes it his life’s quest to correct other people’s grammar or spelling mistakes. His keen eye easily spots every error whether it be on a newspaper headline, your shirt, a shop’s tagline, or worst, even little things such as Facebook status messages. He is either amused or irritated when he sees others failing miserably.

If that person is a close friend, a relative, or a special someone, you might want to check out the following gift items below.

You bet he or she will absolutely delighted with these awesomely funny grammar Nazi presents:

1. Funny Grammar Poster

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 1

Photo credit: GetYourNerdOn/Etsy
2. Grammar Soft Coasters

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 2

Photo credit: 3DRose/Amazon
3. Commas Save Lives Funny Grammar T Shirt

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 3

Photo credit: ThreadedTees/Etsy
4. If You Can’t Win An Argument, Correct Their Grammar Instead Mug

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 4

Photo credit: MissHarry/Etsy
5. Greeting Card – Dear People of the World

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 5

Photo credit: AnroldDesigns/Etsy
6. I'm Silently Correcting Your Grammar Mug

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 6

Photo credit: FruitfulFeet/Etsy
7. Owl Shirt

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 7

Photo credit: GrammaticalArt/Etsy
8. Grammar Notebook

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 8

Photo credit: AnroldDesigns/Etsy
9. Grammar Teacup and Saucer Set of 3

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 9

Photo credit: VenueDecor/Etsy
10. I Enjoy Eating Photo Mug

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 10

Photo credit: AndreaEmporium/Etsy
11. Funny Grammar Card

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 11

Photo credit: YeaOhGreetings/Etsy
12. Grammar Grumble Mugs

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 12

13. Funny Typo Quote Coffee or Tea Mug

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 13

14. Quote Mittens

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 14

Photo credit: KateSpade
15. Gourmet Grammarian Plate Set

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 15

Photo credit: modcloth
16. Owl Grammar Tshirt

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 16

17. Monster Rubber Stamps

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 17

Photo credit: fishcakesoboy/Etsy
18. Comma Sutra: Funny Comma Cross-Stitch Pattern

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 18

19. Internet Grammar Is Ruining Everything Mug

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 19

Photo credit: kathywellart/Etsy
20. You Had Me At Proper Spelling And Grammar Sweatshirt

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 20

Photo credit: boredwalk/Etsy
21. Burned Leather Coasters

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 21

Photo credit: nothingbutmirrors
22. Bad Grammar Neoprene Mouse Pad

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 22

23. Love You For Your Grammar Card

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 23

Photo credit: GreatScottDesign/Etsy
24. Grammar Motivational Poster

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 24

Photo credit: GrammaticalArt/Etsy
25. Good Grammar is Sexy Tote Bag

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 25

Photo credit: StudioNicoSF/Etsy
26. Comma Sutra

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 26

Photo credit: SixteenMonkeys/Etsy
27. Spell Chequer

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 27

Photo credit: Clingdom/Etsy
28. Grammarphone Tote Bag

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 28

Photo credit: TeoZirinis/Society6
29. Grammar Owl Print

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 29

30. Cross-Stitch Pattern

funny-grammar-nazi-gift 30


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