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22 Photos of Hilarious Coincidences Taken at the Right Moment

All are worthy of a big hearty chuckle.

There are some photos that you just have to share on social media, aside from your typical selfies. Like, you know, some funny pics that drove you nuts.

That’s exactly how I felt when I recently stumbled upon these images on the web. These are freaking hilarious! I couldn’t help but crack up at how funny the coincidences are. Well, of course, you can argue whether some of these shots are really a coincidence or intentional but that’s beyond the point. What I’m telling you here is that you’ll definitely have a good laugh as you scroll down and take a moment to catch the funny (and at times, ironic) moments caught on camera.

Check out the photos here:

Not only did the font fit perfectly, it even blended with the sign’s color.


Photo credit: dudejust
Probably not here to donate blood – but to get some.


Photo credit: crypticaldude
It's a love story, baby, just say, "Yes"


Photo credit: imgur
C is for Cookie


Photo credit: norcal530
Nothing can be more ironic.


Photo credit: loyallaughter
What your baby really needs…


Photo credit: gooddogisgood
Not sure if they really want to sell this pair. It just went camouflage!


Photo credit: TWrox
Let Gene Simmons lick it up.


Photo credit: Robertino_Loreti
Obviously a naughty ad. Just look at each pic!


Photo credit: Viktorija G.
The End.


Photo credit: imgur
Stanley Miserables


Photo credit: whathaveyoudone22
Czech Air Lines or is it hairlines? You decide!


Photo credit: cleandean
UFO abduction in progress.


Photo credit: forowned
With arms wide open…


Photo credit: cienfora
So unlucky in lottery.


Photo credit: unknown
The white undie wasn’t a good idea after all.


Photo credit: vtcapsfan
That turned out to be so racist.


Photo credit: Menno99
Never let it get into your eyes then.


Photo credit: AFeast
Plot twist: daddy’s just behind you!


Photo credit: unknown
Most suspicious ad. Like ever!


Photo credit:
Be very scared, little dinosaur. Be very scared!


Photo credit: Imgur
That blissful expression on her face makes this an absolute winner.


Photo credit: unknown

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