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22 Photos of Hilarious Coincidences Taken at the Right Moment

All are worthy of a big hearty chuckle.

There are some photos that you just have to share on social media, aside from your typical selfies. Like, you know, some funny pics that drove you nuts.

That’s exactly how I felt when I recently stumbled upon these images on the web. These are freaking hilarious! I couldn’t help but crack up at how funny the coincidences are. Well, of course, you can argue whether some of these shots are really a coincidence or intentional but that’s beyond the point. What I’m telling you here is that you’ll definitely have a good laugh as you scroll down and take a moment to catch the funny (and at times, ironic) moments caught on camera.

Check out the photos here:

Not only did the font fit perfectly, it even blended with the sign’s color.


Photo credit: dudejust
Probably not here to donate blood – but to get some.


Photo credit: crypticaldude
It's a love story, baby, just say, "Yes"


Photo credit: imgur
C is for Cookie


Photo credit: norcal530
Nothing can be more ironic.


Photo credit: loyallaughter
What your baby really needs…


Photo credit: gooddogisgood
Not sure if they really want to sell this pair. It just went camouflage!


Photo credit: TWrox
Let Gene Simmons lick it up.


Photo credit: Robertino_Loreti
Obviously a naughty ad. Just look at each pic!


Photo credit: Viktorija G.
The End.


Photo credit: imgur
Stanley Miserables


Photo credit: whathaveyoudone22
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29 Funny Yet Creative Solutions to Everyday Problems

If it works, then it is not stupid!


I think we can all agree that “desperate times call for desperate measures.” Sometimes, we come to a point in our lives where we just have to be creative and practical in dealing with our problems. They may not be the best of solutions, but they’re still important to do in one way or another.

This compilation is exactly what it means for the aforementioned quote. And if you think “tape is the only solution to all,” then you are right. Without further ado, here are the very people who resolved things using their wit.

#1. For starters…

Source: Imgur
#2. I got to admit, this is genius.

Source: Reddit
#3. Convertible car you say?

Source: Imgur
#4. Well… well… well…

Source: Reddit
#5. Just making things easier for the mailman.

Source: Imgur
#6. Technology at its… nevermind.

Source: pikabu
#7. Who says you need a microwave?

Source: ebaumsworld
#8. If it works, then it is not stupid.

Source: pikabu
#9. Want a new way to shower?

Source: pikabu
#10. Let’s see if thieves can conquer this.

Source: Boris
#11. Tape just fixes everything, doesn’t it?

Source: Imgur
#12. Nah, who cares about perfection.

Source: Twitter
#13. Tape everywhere.

Source: Pikabu
#14. At least, there is an art.

Source: Reddit
#15. Only for the special guest.

Source: Imgur
#16. Yup, it is safe and it works.

Source: grr1zzli
#17. This is sick, though!

Source: funkysouls
#18. OMG I cannot stop laughing. LOL

Source: Imgur
#19. Again, if it works, it is not stupid.

Source: Imgur
#20. You just have to be witty.

Source: Imgur
#21. No need to hold it, brother.

#22. Here goes the tape again.

Source: Imgur
#23. They must certainly have a good reason for doing this.

#24. Is the heater working, Susan?

Source: Twitter
#25. Just imagine the possibilities.

Source: wykop
#26. You know who.

Source: Pigi Siouto
#27. I.T. people really know their way around things.

Source: Imgur
#28. Yup.

Source: b4gelbites
#29. Want to know the best way to eat Pringles?

Source: Imgur

So, what do you think about this compilation? We bet you tried them once, twice, or even more in your life. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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16 Hilarious Photos of Jealous People Caught On Camera At The Wrong Moment

Jealousy is a disease. Try your best not to catch it.


At some point in our lives, we become green with envy around people who have things that we desire most. Some of us may be great at hiding our emotions, while others put themselves out there and show it to the world. There are also those who try to keep their feelings of jealousy to themselves, but somehow, their facial expressions give it away and they’re caught on camera.

These jealous people just happen to be spotted sporting the green with envy look at the wrong moment. The result is a hilarious set of photos that should remind each and everyone that this could happen to any of us.

#1. Those guys wish they were in his shoes.

#2. When your friend has the bigger catch.

#3. Admit it – we've been that baby at some point.

#4. She just couldn't believe how massive they are.

#5. When it's awkward you're third-wheeling.

#6. A tip for guys: having a dog works most of the time.

#7. Even animals can feel jealous.

#8. Spotted! How he wished he had someone to embrace like that lucky guy there.

#10. When you see the cat that's green with envy.

#11. This little girl knew what's coming.

#12. And this, ladies, is how you let everyone know to back off from your man.

#12. This woman got caught glancing at those curves.

#13. You'd have that same look when it comes to cake, wouldn't you?

#14. Why does she have a bigger ice cream?

#15. When puberty wasn't kind to you.

#16. This lady is making sure her guy is looking away.

Jealousy is a disease and when you feel it, it’s hard to keep it in. It’s part of human nature to feel envious – it’s part of you and it’s not going anywhere. Just make sure you don’t get caught on camera with jealousy written all over your face like those people above.

Got more to share? Hit the comments section down below.

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24 Funny Photos Taken Right Before Disaster Happened

I definitely can’t wait to see what happens next!


Thanks to modern cameras and smartphones, capturing happy moments can now be done quickly and easily. Throw in the convenience of social media in the mix and you’ve got immediate audience right at your fingertips. In mere seconds, friends and family members both near and far can see and react to your pictures.

The obvious downside of technology in this aspect, of course, is that aside from happy memories, even the most embarrassing ones are often caught on camera and broadcasted on the internet.

Case in point, this compilation of photos below show us some pretty memorable moments taken just a few seconds before tragedies happened. They’re downright hilarious, to say the least, and, yes, very embarrassing for the people involved!

Scroll down below and prepare to have a hearty laugh!

1. This incoming snowball!

Source: Reddit
2. I bet the boy has a pair of scissors in the other hand.

Source: Reddit
3. That wife’s epic facial reaction.

Source: Reddit
4. And this is exactly how she lost her phone.

Source: Reddit
5. It’s probably an expensive trophy.

Source: Reddit
6. "Let me at least take the camera away!"

Source: Imgur
7. OUCH! This one hurts for sure.

Source: Imgur
8. There’s definitely no escaping this!

Source: Reddit
9. She just finished blowing the candles, not realizing that tragedy has begun.

Source: Reddit
10. When you’re taking photos of your food and someone decides to take a bite instead.

Source: Reddit
11.Flying sandal spotted!

Source: Reddit
12. Probably carrying a message from Hogwarts.

Source: Reddit
13. Oops, sorry!

Source: Imgur
14. The last time you’ll see her smile for the night.

Source: Studio Damon
15. Well, that’s going to hurt. Like a lot!

Source: Imgur
16. Goodbye, cake!

Source: Reddit
17. Prepare to clean up after this.

Source: Reddit
18. “Timber!”

Source: Reddit
19. “Nooo!”

Source: Imgur
20. The alligator will probably regret this.

Source: Reddit
21. He’s totally unaware.

Source: Reddit
22. Almost. DAMN!

Source: Reddit
23. “What the puck!”

Source: Imgur
24. Let’s see how long she can hold that pose and smile.

Source: Studio Damon

Special thanks to Brightside for this hilarious compilation.

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