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20 Funny Animals Who Clearly Hate Christmas





Not everyone is in the mood of merry-making during Christmas. Take it from Scrooge of old who shrugged off every opportunity to party, sing, and give gifts. Or you may also take cues from these 20 animals we’ve featured below!

No, these pets are totally not in festive moods as you can see on their photos. Go scroll down and have a terrific laugh!

#1. This blasphemous cat has taken the manger for himself.

Source: twitter
#2. Clearly not ‘merry’ on Christmas.

#3. Every cat owner’s Christmas tree.

Source: reddit
#4. A dog décor. Wonderful!

Source: imgur
#5. Not happy with his Christmas sweater.

Source: reddit
#6. “What do you mean I’m not supposed to unwrap the gifts yet?”

Source: imgur
#7. It was supposed to be a lovely family photo. But this dog just wasn’t in the mood!

Source: imgur
#8. “What ‘merry’ are you talking about?”

Source: imgur
#9. When you’re smiling for a Christmas photo but your pet thinks your sh*t!

Source: imgur
#10. This cat reminds me of someone… There!

Source: thebosskitty
#11. The kids had a little fun with you again, didn’t they?

Source: imgur
#12. Stop fighting like cats and dogs! Oh well…

Source: reddit
#13. That moment when you buy a bed for your cat but he prefers the box.

Source: imgur
#14. If I were you, I’d get out of this cat’s way.

Source: flickr
#15. This cat just decided that Christmas is over.

Source: imgur
#16. To be fair, it is this human’s idea.

Source: imgur
#17. He clearly hates those antlers.

Source: imgur
#18. This girl celebrated Christmas alone with her cat. Her Christmas card is epic!

Source: imgur
#19. Not happy with this headwear thingie.

Source: drollnation
#20. Clearly, this dog is feeling embarrassed already.

Source: reddit
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