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This Award-Winning School In Tokyo Is Built To Help Kids Learn While Playing





This Japanese kindergarten school with an award-winning design is an innovative paradise for school children. Conceptualized and designed by Tezuka Architects, the school’s main feature is a ringed roof that also serves as a playground for the children.

The Fuji Kindergarten located in Tokyo, Japan can accommodate up to 600 students from 2 to 6 years old. Students here are encouraged to run and play around the area.

The ringed roof’s open space is perfect for the children’s free exploration, discovery, and interaction with the environment.

The roof is easily accessible through stairs and slides that are only 2.1 meters tall.

At first thought, too much of the open space could seem potentially dangerous to the children.

But in reality, this open environment encourages young ones to be active and curious about their surroundings.

As a result, they experience a fuller childhood.

According to the creator, Takaharu Tezuka:

“Just as a fish cannot live in purified water, children cannot live in a clean, quiet and controlled environment.”

At the moment of the children’s first interaction with the building, Tezuka recalled,

“it was simple; they just started running. It was beyond our expectations. I was sitting with the principal, and everyone had tears. It was amazing, an instant reaction.”

The building is designed to let the children explore, play around, and be their curious selves.

It’s definitely a place that encourages learning and independence.

According to Tezuka,

“in this school, children are encouraged to climb trees. If a kid is strong enough, they can reach the upper level without using the stairs. Other schools might not allow this, but the principal here believes children know their own limits. They stop when they have to stop.”

The Fuji Kindergarten puts a whole new perspective on educating children.

Just looking at the fun activities that the students do will make you want to go back to kindergarten and attend this school. Or maybe just enroll your kids instead?

Watch this video here to learn more:

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