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Finally, After 20 Years, Her Mother’s Best-Kept Secret Will Be Revealed On Her Wedding Day!





It took her 20 long years before her deepest and well-kept secret finally came out in the open. Just when her adopted daughter was just moments away from her new adventure, finally, she could give away the most precious and priceless token of love and family any foster daughter could have from her foster mom.

It was at the year 1994 when Brooke’s foster parents took a huge step in fulfilling the very purpose of getting married—having a family of their own. Despite many attempts, they were not lucky enough to bear a child of their own flesh.

Good enough, they remained open to the idea of adopting a child considering it to be their own. It was then the start of a fruitful family. Then, after 20 years, one of their adopted children was finally getting married and these parents made sure that their dear daughter was not leaving home empty-handed.

Moments before Brooke face her dashing hubby-to-be, her foster mom gave her a sheer of cloth taken from her very own wedding gown. As Brooke examined the piece of cloth, little did she know that a hand-written message has been patiently waiting to be read on a special occasion such as her wedding day. Soon enough, the two burst into tears and just can’t help but look back from their humble beginnings to the very blessed day they are currently ceasing.

Thanks to The Film Poets who posted the emotional video, thousands of viewers have sympathized on the mother and child encounter. To date, the said vid has been making the trends with the hopes of encouraging more hearts to adopt a then-complete-stranger to now an official family member.

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Credits: The Film Poet

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