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Flying-V Plane Prototype’s First Test Flight Is A Success




  • The engineering team behind the Flying-V aircraft successfully conducted a first test flight.
  • The scale model was piloted from the ground via a remote control.
  • The plane encountered a “rough landing” and had a minor damage.
  • It is now being repaired and prepared for the next test flights.

Some of our readers may remember that we have previously featured the Flying-V aircraft. This project by the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Delft Technology University has been touted by many as the “future of air travel” not only because of its unique design (passengers are seated in the wings) but because it’s more environment friendly as it consumes 20% less fuel compared with typical planes.

Well now we have a significant update about it. According to recent reports, a prototype of the Flying-V has successfully completed its first ever test flight.

The test flight took place last month in an airbase in Germany. A remote control was used to navigate the scale model from the ground.

Malcolm Brown, chief engineer of the Flying-V testing program, shared:

“It’s been two years of intense, stressful work to reach this moment. And then to have it confirmed that it flies, all of that hard work… it was worth putting in all of the hours, making sure everything’s correct and built accurately.

And it pays off. I think we’re all happy, happy that we succeeded and achieved the goal of flying the Flying-V.”

The flight was great – the landing wasn’t.

As the engineering team admitted, they encountered problems after the Flying-V made its landing.

In a response to a YouTube comment, a KLM representative wrote:

“The Flying-V model had a somewhat rough landing and the nose wheel was damaged. This was due to a gust of wind and the pilot’s response to this.

“This is common practice with scaled model test flights (it’s estimated that one out of two scaled aircraft gets damaged this way).The model is now being repaired and prepared for subsequent test flights.”

Watch the video here:

According to the team, the Flying-V took inspiration from the Gibson electric guitar popularized by legendary musician Jimi Hendrix.

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