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Flat Earther Challenges Internet, Offers $100K To Anyone Who Can Prove The Earth Is Round





As if flat Earth believers aren’t ridiculous enough, one of them recently challenged the internet and offered a huge amount of money to anyone who can prove that our planet is indeed round. In a YouTube post, someone who goes by username Flat Out Hero offered $100,000 to whoever meets the challenge.

Sounds like an easy thing to do, right? Well it definitely is and as we learn below, someone immediately rose up to it and now he’s asking the Flat Earther for the prize money.

In the video description, Flat Out Hero wrote:

“Check it out. Here’s the challenge: Using flight charts, y’know, the only navigational maps that pilots can use to navigate, the only ones that can actually get them to where they’re going. Yeah, flight charts.”

He then explained the challenge in detail on the video and added:

“Map that out, using the only navigational maps that we know. We can’t use a globe to navigate, but we know that we can use flight charts to navigate. So, map that flight round. If you can do it, $100,000 to the winner.”

Watch the video here:

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It didn’t take long before someone posted a response, proving that the Flat Earther was indeed wrong.

User Wolfie6020 uploaded a 2-minute video entitled ‘This Flat Earther owes me $100,000 – I completed his challenge – pay up buddy’ mapping out a flight chart journey which pilots use for navigation.

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He wrote:

“So Mr Flat Out Hero, your challenge has been answered. The requirements, as you stated them, have been satisfied. It is now your turn to honor your challenge and pay me the $100,000 dollars.”

According to Wolfie6020, he will donate half of the prize money to a children’s hospital and use the remaining fr his own.

“Let’s see if you’re a man of your word,” he added.

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