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Answering “Yes” to These Five Questions May Mean You Are a Psychopath

Are you a psychopath? Answer these five questions.


Psychopaths: we watch them on the news, we see them in movies, we read about them in novels but have you ever thought that maybe they are just lurking around you? Or worse, do you sometimes feel confused and think that maybe you are one?

Well, Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown of AsapTHOUGHT have provided an answer to those questions. Truth is, you could be a psychopath and not even know it. Why? The main reason here, of course, is that psychopaths actually make just 1% of the population.

So, if you are having suspicions that your boss or your friend may be a psychopath, try answering these five questions. For all you know, you maybe one too!

1. Are you cunning and manipulative?


2. Do you have superficial charm?

3. Do you have a high sense of self-worth?


4. Do you lack feelings of empathy, guilt and remorse?


5. Do you have little control over your behavior?

Did you answer “yes” to most of the questions? If you did, then you may want to consider reassessing yourself. But don’t get too paranoid just yet! Diagnosis of psychopathy, of course, takes more than a simple online quiz but needs the help of a professional. But for now, just make some observations of the people around you, because you might be dealing with a real psychopath.

For now, watch AsapTHOUGHT’s complete video here:

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Have you had a close encounter with a real psychopath? Leave a comment below.


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