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Filipino Farmer’s Son Overcomes Poverty, Gets Accepted At Harvard





There is little doubt that hard work and perseverance will lead to success. The son of a Filipino farmer has proven exactly that. The young boy worked hard to get an education despite his family’s poverty. Not surprisingly, his effort was rewarded with a full scholarship at the prestigious Harvard University.

Romnick L. Blanco grew up in the province of Bulacan in the Philippines. He is the son of a Filipino farmer who wanted his child to get a proper education. Romnick took his father’s dreams to heart and never missed school. The young boy would have to cross a river every day just to get to school. However, Romnick never lost hope and continued to study hard. Soon, he was excelling in his classes.

Romnick with his parents.

The hard work and Romnick’s own intelligence earned the support of the GreenEarth Heritage Foundation, the local charity that helps impoverished farmers’ children. The organization provided access to English and computer literacy classes as well as an allowance for going to school.

Soon, it was clear that Romnick was truly something else. The foundation gave him a full scholarship to attend International School Manila, where he graduated with top honors. Romnick caught the attention of several international universities who offered him full scholarships.

The boy had his pick among prestigious colleges like Dartmouth College, Wesleyan University, and New York University at Abu Dhabi. However, Romnick ultimately chose to accept the full scholarship at Harvard.

Romnick is now a proud student at Harvard University.

Romnick graduated in 2017 but he took a gap year to explore the world. However, he has never forgotten his roots. The young man has planted 1,500 trees at his father’s farm, a great addition to the ones he has already planted in childhood.

The story of this young Filipino student is truly remarkable and inspiring. Romnick has already started attending Harvard and his future continues to be bright.

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