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Filipino Aborigine Tribe Carves Ornate Bikes Out Of Wood





Most biker gangs usually dress in leather jackets to look cool or for protection. However, an Aborigine tribe in the Philippines like to live dangerously. This Filipino biker club can usually be spotted in their traditional clothes which look like colorful loincloths. In addition to that, these men cruise in amazingly ornate bikes made of wood.

The biker club is made up of men from the Igorot tribe in the Philippines. The Aborigine tribe is known for their native gear called ‘bahag’ and awesome ingenuity when it comes to carving wood. It’s no surprise that the gang has started incorporating ornate designs to the wooden scooters they ride.

This is probably the most unique biker gang in the world.

Source: Richard Haw
Each bike is carefully carved by its rider out of wood.

Source: Richard Haw

The images of the Filipino biker gang were taken by photographer Richard Haw, who came across the men as they cruised around the town of Batad in Ifugao in the Philippines. According to Haw, he was lucky enough to have seen the men speed by.

“I was walking to my truck in the town when we were treated to the spectacle and it just so happens that I had my camera on hand and snapped the cowboy-inspired scooter zooming downhill.”

The wooden scooters are usually simple constructions. However, the biker gang took their bikes to a new level by adding gorgeous carvings of dragons, eagles, and lions.

The biker gang chooses to wear their traditional Igorot garment.

Source: Richard Haw
Although there have been no fatalities, the riders all sport scars on their legs.

Source: Richard Haw

It’s no surprise that the biker gang enjoy the attention they get for their amazing wooden scooters.

“When they race through the town it is a chance to show off their scooters which is a source of pride for the carver,” Haw said. “They are actually care-free people and live a simple life with a self-sustaining lifestyle, but they are in constant contact with the modern world that is fast eroding the very fabric of the Igorot way of life.”

This awesome biker gang is certainly proof that it’s more fun in the Philippines!

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