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6 Fascinating Things You May Not Know About Everyday Objects

Why do lollipop sticks have tiny holes? And why do underwear have pockets? Read on!

We think we know everything most of the time. With smartphones and Google, it seems quite easy to get any information we want. However, there are pretty much a lot about mundane things left for discovery.

There is something about everyday objects that we often encounter but we just assume their purpose and dare not question. The result? We end up living a lie our entire lives.

Okay, maybe that’s too much of an exaggeration. But the following facts about these ordinary things may give you that ‘Aha!’ moment and clear any misconceptions you had before.

YouTube channel #MindWarehouse listed six things we probably didn’t know about everyday objects. You could probably use the following trivia to sound like a genius when talking to friends or random strangers.

#1 Bobbles on bobble hats

Source: Imgur

Is that cute fluffy ball on top of your bobble hat just a decoration? Or maybe it’s there as a handle to quickly remove the hat? Both wrong! Apparently, it is there to prevent soldiers from hurting their heads.

According to #Mind Warehouse, the first bobble appeared in the 18th century as part of French marines’ uniform. Back then, ship cabins’ ceilings were very low, and soldiers often bump their heads on it. So, the fluffy bobbles actual help to prevent head-bumping.

Other countries began copying the concept of army uniforms, including the look of the bobble hats and the rest, as they say, is history.

#2 The hole in the lollipop stick

Source: 9gag

There have been claims that the hole in the stick prevents suffocation in case you swallow it, but that’s not really it. On the other hand, kids think it’s an extra toy whistle that they can use after finishing up their lollipops. But that’s not true either.

The hole was actually designed for manufacturing purposes. When lollipops are manufactured, the stick is sunk in the still liquid candy. The substance would fill the holes first. Once cooled down, the part fixes the whole candy. In addition, lollipops with that hole-design are harder to swallow compared to other candies.

#3 Trouser creases

Source: PA Images

Something doesn’t feel right whenever we encounter trousers that do not have creases down the front. We would even go as far as ironing it just to have it on a business suit. Is there any hidden purpose for those creases? The answer goes as far back as 19th century.

During the Industrial Revolution, clothes made in European factories were sent to other countries. Because these trousers would have to travel through oceans for a long time, they would try to fit as many of them into the ship’s hold by folding and tamping them. The severe creases became impossible to get rid of, so people just made the effect into a fashion statement.

#4 Lines on toothpaste tubes

You may have received the chain emails or Facebook posts about the colored lines on your toothpaste tubes. Information were spread that black lines meant your toothpaste contains a lot of harmful chemical, while the green line (the color of nature) meant it is organic. If you also believed those lies, you’re not alone. But let us clear that misconception.

Those lines are actually bar codes and do not indicate chemical composition. The color codes are read by light beam sensors during manufacturing so the machine would know where the toothpaste tube needs to be folded or cut. The line color should be in contrast to the color of the tube so the machine could read it easily.

#5 The little pocket on ladies’ underwear

Source: PA Images

Would you store your cash or credit card in this little pocket in your underwear? Probably not. But have you ever thought why these things exist along the crotch area? It’s because of comfort and not really for your secret stash.

According to health standards, the inner layer of underwear has to be made from a special soft tissue. This is a fact for both men’s and women’s underthings. But doing so for ladies panties’ would result to an uncomfortable inner layer if the two sides would be sewn. As a result, the design became like a tiny pouch.

#6 Square on backpack

Source: Today

It may look like just a design or logo of a brand. It is indeed an old design making its way to modern backpacks. This strange pig-nose thingy is called a pig snout or a lash tab. The purpose was to tie thread ropes or carabiners through the tab for hanging extra gear. That feature is really quite useful when camping.

Hopefully, these trivia had made your bank of knowledge a dollar richer. Each day is an opportunity to discover new facts even about objects we use all the time. There is no such thing as information overload so keep those brain cells sharp and learn something new every day.


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